BAD BOYS FOR LIFE Loses Its Director

It was likely a matter of time but now it appears that Joe Carnahan is no longer directing Bad Boys For Life, according to THR. The film has hit its share of stops and starts over the last several years until Carnahan went to work on its development along with a script.

That now seems doused with news of anything from "scheduling" to "creative differences". Whatever the case though, it also means, principally, more time to focus on X-Force, in addition to his forthcoming reboot of Indonesian action vehicle, The Raid which Carnahan is directing as well as producing with its first cast addition, Frank Grillo, via their War Party banner and XYZ Films.

From Columbia Pictures, Bad Boys For Life is currently on track to reunite its stars, Will Smith and Martin Lawrence for the third outing of the franchise slated for a November 9, 2018. That may change with a new director now sought after, as well as a new script.


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