Andrei Volgin's DANCE TO DEATH Drops Bombs And Beats In The Final Trailer

In the time that director Andrei Volgin's latest film, Dance To Death, has been picking up steam, it's a film that otherwise looks to share space with other titles as exemplary of Russia's efforts to stand out in film. It shows, and it looks fantastic, and for what it's worth, we get just a little more offered in the slick, energizing final trailer for sci-fi thriller which is set to open this month in Russia.

Ivan Zhankov leads the tale set in 2070 dystopian Moscow where young contestants are forced to compete for the survival of mankind through a dangerous and deadly game. Also starring are Lusha Ilyashenko, Nikita Volkov and Alexander Tyutin among our cast and thus, if there were ever a case for big-scale Russian productions to lend a greater eye overseas, Dance To Death certainly makes it, methinks.

Check out the trailer now.


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