AGENT: Catch The Trailer For Derek Ting's New Sci-Fi Thriller

A group of young adults eager to shoot guns things in the middle of nowhere only to unravel a supernatural mystery that endangers them? Sounds like a doable premise and actor/writer/director Derek Ting (Supercapitalist, Always) certainly saw it through with his latest feature film effort, Agent.

The film endured a successful crowdfunding campaign a few months ago to help round things out before landing celebrated premieres in Los Angeles and Hong Kong. With an iTunes release on March 28 now in tow and official trailer has already made its way online as we await to see how it rolls out in the U.S. elsewhere.

The Pyramids, Stonehenge, how were these ancient structures built? A group of friends take an instructional firearms course and unlock an ancient power challenging their friendship and the fate of the world.
Marikah Cunningham and Eric Keitel also star. Watch the trailer now.


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