There's So Much New Footage In The U.S. Trailer For HEADSHOT...You've Been Warned!

With March 3 already set for the release of X-Men spin-off Wolverine finale, Logan, hardcore R-rated moviegoing types are now more than welcome to set the date for a double feature if they so choose, specifically for those who've been pining for the release of Iko Uwais headliner, Headshot from Vertical Entertainment and XYZ Films.

To be frank though, their latest trailer is out and I myself have all but avoided seeing any more new footage until now, and I feel like I've utterly failed and spoiled myself to no end. I might just go and down a whole two liter bottle of Pepsi and fuck my kidneys up to finish myself off because this is awful... not the movie judging by Alex Chung's awesome review among others, of course, but me breaking my own abstinence here...


HEADSHOT centers on a mysterious young man who, after months in a coma from a gunshot wound to the head, is nursed back to health by a young student-doctor, Ailin. Realizing that the man has lost his memory and identity, the two quickly grow closer, not realizing that behind their momentary peace lays danger. Soon their lives collide with a gang of dangerous criminals led by an enigmatic crime lord—and with every violent confrontation, his memory brings him closer to a dark truth as the lethal personality awakening within him starts to reveal who he really is.
Avoid the trailer if the earlier footage already has you sold. Otherwise, share my misery and see it below at your own peril. I'll still see the film, for sure, but I honestly didn't need to see so much new shit here... 

Yes, I'm mad.

Killers helmers Timo Tjahjanto and Kimo Stamboel direct with Uwais joined by Chelsea Islan, Julie Estelle and Sunny Pang.


  1. March 3rd can't get here quick enough!!! I've been dying to see this film since it was announced over 2 years ago, ahhh. Each new trailer with new footage only gets me more pumped up than I thought possible. This better hit theaters here in Phoenix, Arizona or else I'm going to riot, ha ha. Sure wish I had other friends that were as obsessed with martial arts films as I am because I will probably be going to the movie solo, but I don't mind. Its better to go alone than with someone that doesn't share the same enthusiasm as me, lmao :D


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