THE HIT LIST: February 20, 2017

So, I finally saw John Wick: Chapter Two and you can read my review here...

Yes, I am as happy as a fat kid at a salad bar replaced by a chocolate cake vendor. Moving on, the Hit List is here for a new week and it's an absolute shit ton of awesome and we kick it right off like we normally do with a raft of cool new stunt and training demo reels by today's top performers.

Icing the top of this muffin is Eric Jacobus in his own iteration, "Hot Ryu" for his latest Street Fighter movelist, followed by spectacular stunt samplers by Marshall A. Bingham, Chien Van Duong, Kendall Wells, Jared Beaulieu, Olivia Brown, Juliette Kendall, Simon Li, Samuel Symon, and Ukranian fall guy Mykola Galagan with a new fight choreography and performance reel of his own. Enjoy!

Onto some things to promote and we begin with Ramin Sohrab's new action packed teaser trailer, Viulu, which you can read more on by clicking here. Just beneath is a playlist with at least two trailers, the first of which lends us another innovative live-action look into Shonen Jump territory with Dragon Ball: The Legendary Warrior.

The project hails from Argentina and is directed by Esteban Adúriz in his first attempt at a film gig leading up to his forthcoming relocation to Los Angeles in the not-too-distant future. Adúriz certainly isn't the first online creative to take an Asian property like Toriyama Akira's popular manga in an attempt to show how he would approach it, and fairly enough as much as his trailer speaks for itself, the up-and-comer wouldn't be the first to succeed. From the costumes to the visuals, you can instantly tell he put quite a bit of thought into this, and I would be surprised if fans weren't the least bit pleased.

That trailer, in addition to four exclusive concept stills courtesy of Adúriz, comes first in the playlist followed by a second trailer for Italian filmmaker Andrea Navicella's 2016 Cannes shortfilm selection, coming-of-age assassin thriller, Tommy, starring Daniele Balconi.

Last and way far from least is a select raft of gems from around the web beginning with DC Stunt Coalition's latest practice round featuring Felix Cortes and Raymond Friedman and the ninja stylings of Mike Möller, followed by Team Red Productions with some John Wick 2-inspired choreography and a Zhiyun Crane test fight, two new test fights by Eclipse Stunts and Eastern Heroes, Ieisha Aueyung leading a winter brawl in the snow for Eunoia Creations, Bryan Sloyer and Jay Kwon getting in some test fight action of their own for Sloyerstunts, David Neyts's latest three-on-one affair in Vengeance, Darren Holmquist and Leonard Zhang going head-to-head in an Alley Beatdown, and French cascadeur Kefi Abrikh leading two ballistic stunt samplers (more on him a little later this

Rounding out the playlist is Flawless Films with Jake Rogers and Sammy Bishop getting some lightsaber action in Obi-Wan V. Rey, Lunar Stunts's latest chapter of The Fighting Journey in "No Escape", a battle of Jokers with Noel Schefflin and Jan Flugum at the ismahawk channel, Finnish filmmaker Arman Ansari's latest shortfilm endeavor a la production banner Stuntbross titled Ultimatum, and Mikko Löppönen's most recent dystopian sci-fi actioner, Fray, with the beautiful and talented Jessica Wolff.

Finishing out the remainder of this week's action jewels is the first of a forthcoming three-parter titled The Last Shot from director David Vergne and starring Ben Vergne in a twisted hostage tale full of intrigue with a rabbit hole that only goes deeper. And finally, it's Nico Raineau's award-winning action drama, Brix And The Bitch. I covered this one quite a bit including at ScreenAnarchy and I'm proud to add this one into the annals of Film Combat Syndicate's Hit List history.

Have the time of your lives, folks! Enjoy!

Feel free to sift through last week's Hit List if you have some time to spare. Other than that, be sure to subscribe to the channels and show your support, and as always, if you or someone you know has a thrilling stunt and action demo, trailer or teaser, or even full-blown proof-of-concept or shortfilm that you feel mirrors what you think belongs in our weekly Hit List, hit us up at!


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