THE CHOSEN GUARD: Martial Arts Star Yousef Mansour Returns For New Egyptian/American Co-Production

Action Film International is reportedly gearing up for a project in the Spring with re-emerging Egyptian actor and martial artist Yousef Mansour according to a recent press announcement. Titled The Chosen Guard, the new Arabic/English language action thriller will mark his fourth feature film after debuting in 1991 with Helali's Fist, and in up to sixteen years since starring in the 2001 film, Badr in which he also debuted as director.

Part modern martial arts action thriller, part movie musical, The Chosen Guard sees Mansour in the role of Sabaa, a man who is chosen by the ancient Pharaohs to defend the Golden Temple, the last unopened relic in Egyptian antiquity. Mansour, who is also writing the script, will be joined by award-winning writer, director, and dance choreographer to the stars, Courtney Miller (credited for his work with Michael Jackson, Usher, Beyonce', and Britney Spears) to help erect the film's elaborate dance numbers next to the film's action set pieces.

The film will also be part tourist ad in the sense that the production will aim to highlight Egypt as a viable and alluring attraction for hopeful visitors and globetrotters alike. Production is expected to commence in April following auditions slated next month in Cairo. Folks curious about partaking in the project are welcome to contact producer Tracy Sabeti via e-mail at


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