So, Some Blonde Walked Up To Me One Day...

This was the only normal picture I managed to take with a straight face. The struggle is very real.
It's not everyday that I bring my "other work" home...or in this case to my work.

Rather, it's not everyday my "other work" walks up to my door and gives me a great big hug before shooting the breeze. Such is what happened on Thursday at the tail end of stuntman Dylan Hintz's recent visit to New York City for a few seminars, including Chazz Menendez's Quiet Storm Training Group workshop with Person of Interest Coordinator Tony Vincent this past weekend. Dylan returned that week to train at Chazz's newly established facility, UATW Stunts in New Rochelle which Hintz encourages both aspiring and current stunt people to check out HERE.

Hintz hails from the D.C. area bordering between Maryland and Virginia, and operates his own stunt training and performance group called D.C. Stunt Coalition which I have covered off and on for a few years now. He's also friends with independent filmmaker James Couche, both of whom contribute to our site here in some capacity, with Hintz starting  with help the establishment of our YouTube channel, uploading trailers and so on.

Hintz kept himself pretty busy during his time here, staying with fellow stuntmen in the borough of Queens, while hitting up and training with several people I became familiar with in the past year, including Stephen Koepfer and Paul Varacchi of Breakfall Studios at New York Combat Sambo. He even hooked up with Hector Soria and his HektikZone team to shoot a short test fight with Andrew Kim in the Bronx earlier this week which I'll host in the Hit List on Monday. On top of this and the typical stunt guy hustling, he also managed to stake a visit to New Jersey last weekend during events at the Hall Of Honors Martial Arts Expo thanks to the invitation of fellow stunt guy and HoH inductee, Michael Carey. A huge gathering of stars, instructors and fans alike, Dylan got to pick the brains of action movie legends like Don Wilson, Cynthia Rothrock, Benny the Jet Urquidez, and Michael Jai White, for some of the same kinds of questions you'd expect out of an FCS interview. I've happily stolen some of his photos to share with you below.

Dylan's Weekend At HOH at the Tropicana in N.J.

He's not hugely present on the writing end for our site though that may change given his ever-evolving schedule. Apart from that, you can expect to see him pop up from time to time doing what he does best in the world of stunts and action here at Film Combat Syndicate, and you're more than welcome to subscribe to his Facebook page attributed to DC Stunt Coalition for more insight.


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