Sci-Fi Crime Novel TOMORROW AND TOMORROW Lands Matt Ross To Direct For TriStar

Matt Ross is gleaning from his most recent Oscar nod for Captain Fantastic and its star Viggo Mortensen. It's a good time for the writer and director and TriStar is taking notice, officially bringing Ross on board for his third stint in the chair with an adaptation of futuristic crime novel, Tomorrow and Tomorrow.

Here's how the book is described courtesy of Penguin Random House:
Ten years after the attack that reduced Pittsburgh to ashes, all that remains is the Archive: an interactive digital record of the city and its people.  
John Dominic Blaxton is a 'lucky one'. He survived the blast, but, crippled by the loss of his wife and unborn daughter, his days are spent immersed in the Archive with the ghosts of yesterday.  
It is there that he finds the record of a forgotten body. Who was this woman? And why is someone hacking the system to delete her seemingly unremarkable life? The hunt for the truth will drag Dominic from the darkest corners of the past into a deadly and very present nightmare.
The Mark Gordon Company is producing the film for TriStar who acquired the rights to the 2014 novel in a competitive auction. Also producing is Entertainment 360 along with Captain Fantastic producer Lynette Howell Taylor.

via Deadline:
“The triumph of Captain Fantastic is that it is at once funny, emotional and thought-provoking,” TriStar president Hannah Minghella said in announcing the deal. “It’s this ability to explore a thematic idea in a way that is both intelligent and entertaining that makes Matt such an exciting director for Tomorrow and Tomorrow.” 
Said Ross: “Tomorrow and Tomorrow is prescient — it posits a world not so dissimilar from today, a direction we are all clearly headed, where technology has altered the ways in which we interact with each other and the world around us. I hope to examine, following the book’s lead, the degree to which our lives are enhanced, and deeply compromised, by the technology that is already an inseparable part of our daily existence. Lynette and I couldn’t be more excited to collaborate with Hannah to translate this book into the complex and relevant film we all believe it can be.”


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