PLAN B: Check Out A Fresh New Image From The New Martial Arts Comedy Before The Trailer Releases!

The official trailer for upcoming German martial arts action comedy, Plan B: Scheiss Auf Plan A, is airing on Thursday ahead of its release this summer. The film marks the latest directing effort from filmmakers, Ufuk Genc and Michael Popescu, offering German martial arts stunt fighting and production company Reel Deal Action their debut stake in feature length territory in association with Lightburst Pictures and CineChromatix.

An ode to hit blockbuster movie stars of yesteryear, Can Aydin, Phong Giang and Cha-Lee Yoon star with U-Gin Boateng from a script by Rafael Alberto Garciolo, telling of a group of aspiring action stars and their manager held captive by a notorious crimeboss's desperate search for a missing safe hidden within Berlin's seedy criminal underworld. Henry Meyer, Laurent Daniels, Julia Dietze and Florian Kleine also star with K1 fighter Aristote Luis and Hollywood stuntwoman, actress Heidi Moneymaker for the film's June 8 release.

A new image is online accompanied by the film's logo which you can view below. Check it out and stay tuned for tomorrow's trailer airing!

PLAN B - Official Stills, Shots, Posters


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