NIGHTWING Taps 'The Lego BATMAN Movie' Director To Helm For Warner Bros.

Fresh out of the door with more news on activity from Warner Bros. Pictures is talk of director Chris McKay who gained notoriety this year with his directorial debut, The Lego Batman Movie. This time he's aiming to tackle live-action with reports from THR confirming his attachment to a Nightwing feature film inspired by the DC Comics property in its shared legacy with the Dark Knight himself, Batman.

McKay will direct from a script by Bill Dubuque which focuses on the character, Dick Grayson, formerly of The Flying Graysons. Originally taken in at a young age as Bruce Wayne's legal guardian following the death of his high-flying circus family, this would be the first move in a series of events that would lead to their legendary partnership as Batman and Robin; Overtime, DC sustained the latter as it eventually branched out with at least one version of his character taking a life of its own, which we now know as Nightwing.

It is not clear if the Nightwing movie will share space with Snyder's treatment as hinted in last year's Batman V. Superman: Dawn Of Justice. Then again, it's not known yet if that film's Batman actor will reprise the role in the wake of news on that end and that, in all honesty and in my opinion, feels unlikely.

At any rate, that both Batman AND Robin's evolution into Nightwing are somewhat telling of where Warner Bros. Pictures might be headed. The two properties are joined by others for the studio's otherwise expanding DC cinematic universe, which is also aming for a Gotham City Sirens film in addition to a possible Suicide Squad sequel.

Dubuque recently scripted Affleck's recent pairing with Gavin O'Connor for The Accountant. Nightwing has gradually become the center of attention for creatives online with respect to their own homages - namely YouTube channel ismahawk's Danny Shepherd who prolifically portrayed the character in Nightwing: The Series.


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