LOI BAO: Cuong Seven Takes Flight In The First Teaser For Victor Vu's New Action Thriller

Last we checked in with actor Cuong Seven, he was getting his kicks opposite actress Troung Ngoc Anh in Cuong Ngo's action crime thriller, Truy Sat. Having made the case then, the actor and seemingly prominent rising action talent has since been seen on set with Blood Letter helmer Victor Vu and action producer Jason Ninh Cao (Iron Monk) for the new action thriller, Loi Bao, which boasts some big stunt sequences at great heights in the first teaser now rumbling online.

The plot details are nil and underwraps but the teaser does offer several things here: English subtitles, a September release, and some upworthy production design to accomodate. Seven himself reportedly performed about 90% of the high-flying stunts and action coordinated by Vincent Wang who directed sequences for Zhang Yimou's The Great Wall and assisted that effort on Marvel's Doctor Strange as well among others.

Actor Quach Ngoc Quan stars as the villain for this one and with at least seven months or so until the film's release, the teaser should be enough to whet the appetite until then. Check it out.


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