INTREPID: Time Stops When Booboo Stewart Kicks Ass In Cyrus Hogg's Proof Teaser

Filmmaking is no easy feat, and especially when a concept deals with something of an original nature. I suppose that's the case for filmmaker Cyrus Hogg who's kept himself busy working on a few projects in the last seveal years, including David Karlak's sci-fi short, Rise, which you can view here.

One other item entails an arduous process that followed as of about 2012 with the production of Hogg's own endeavor, Intrepid. At the center of this is Twilight Saga co-star Booboo Stewart whose exponential favor in Taekwondo training found his way to fellow dojang attendee, Hogg, once upon a time, and not for nothing either.

Since then, Stewart himself has been building up his own credentials here and there, notably with director Bryan Singer's X-Men: Days Of Future Past and Disney Channel original films, Descendants 1 and 2 a year thereafter. Thus, with enough time and patience it now at least appears to have paid off with a slick, new proof-of-concept teaser that utimately dares to make a case for feature film support.

Have you ever contemplated how many times you've evaded death by unknowingly making the 'right decision'? Now, imagine for a moment, if you had the ability to always choose the favorable situation. If you could always beat the odds! 
Meet Phoenix (Nix) Larson – Boo Stewart 
The life for such a 20 year old should be perfect. Nix's life is anything but. Caught in a horrible triangle of deception, Nix becomes the manipulated fall guy in the middle of an unfinished feud. 
“The only part of my life I can control, is the part that prevents me from dying.”

The ambitious nature here is nothing to mistake no matter how you look at it. Hogg's background in visual effects certainly appears worth lending some attention, and though the cinematography suffers a little bit, there are several smart choices made here with many of the shots with respect to the action which Stewart performed himself.

This, coupled with Stewart's training courtesy of multi-decorated martial artist and instructor Fran Poteet - wife to the late instructor and Jeet Kune Do pupil to Bruce Lee, Jerry Poteet, certainly lends some appeal for what looks to be an incredible, futuristic martial arts actioner with all the trimmings. Besides, I've had my eye on this project for several years, and Stewart himself looks ready...

I know I am...

Check out the proof teaser below!


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