HEADSHOT Lands Itself New Japanese Poster Art And Trailer For Its March 11 Release

I didn't even look at the new Japanese trailer for the nation's upcoming release of the new Mo Bros' thriller, Headshot, lest I further break my abstinence. Alas, it's available above and with none other than Iko Uwais lead the cast for a story of an amnesiac, wounded and held in a nurse's own care until he's forced to confront his dark and deadly past now threatening his future.

The film has since been a festival favorite everywhere it's been at and officially released in Indonesia. Now it's rolling out abroad with March 3 dates set for the U.S. and U.K. and Nikkatsu will be doling out the thrills to Japanese moviegoers on March 11, and they've since erected a new poster below to signal just that. Take a look!


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