Get Behind The Action With A New HURRICANE POLYMAR Featurette!

Granted, acclaimed action auteur Sakamoto Koichi's earlier work as the action director for films like Guyver: Dark Hero and Drive will always stick with me as I continue to hope for a sequel with the latter. In the meantime, he's kept himself tons of busy in the years since and mainly in Japan with recent titles like Travelers and Red X Pink and as of late, his latest application, Hurricane Polymar looks like a much tougher nod at tokusatsu action.

Kadokawa is releasing the film this May in time for the 55th anniversary of the film's home at Tatsunoko Productions where creator Ninomiya Tsuneo first birthed the property in 1974, kicking off the adventures of a tough street fighter-turned-private investigator and martial arts expert who uses a special suit made of an artificial polymer stronger than steel to fight crime for its 46-minute duration at a time. As such, we get a superhero who can transform into five different vehicles such as a formula-one race car, a submarine and a high-powered jet in order to grant him the tools and weapons he needs to fight evil, and with actor Mizobata Junpei staking his claim in the title role and judging by the first teaser late last year thusfar, the effort seems to be paying off.

This week we now get some more insight into the film's fight choreography and characters, as well as some new bits of footage from the film now opening in Japan on May 13. Joining Mizobata will be actresses Mikie Hara as a newly established character for the film and J-idol Yanagi Yurina, as well as actor Yamada Yuki, and actors Hasegawa Hatsunori and Jinbo Satoshi.

Check out the full featurette below. Mind you, it's not subbed, so if anything, enjoy it for the appreciation if you don't understand Japanese or read Kanji.


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