EXCLUSIVE: A Cadence Of Vengeance Looms In The Teaser For Ramin Sohrab's VIULU

It was a few years ago that Finnish filmmaker, actor and stunt coordinator Ramin Sohrab landed on our radar with a slick proof teaser for a project called Malek. He already has several acting and stunt credits to his name as well as in film but Malek, in its circulation, was what eventually caught my eye having seen it written about elsewhere.

Since then, Sohrab's own career progression has landed him his latest effort, Viulu, which now presents a full-on blast of action and intensity in its first proof trailer following a poster reveal last month. Sohrab plays a man on his way to play his violin one last time for his wife, but not until he sets out into the seedy criminal underworld to retrieve it from the thieves who stole it from him.

Priming it as a hopeful feature, Viulu was shot in freezing Helsinki last year within a forty eight hour period as a means to further affirm himself as a prospective director to observing studio higher ups overseas. The project page has also been set up at Sohrab's official website so feel free to visit, and by all means do check out the proof teaser...and maybe your lower jaw too, because it might just drop a  bit after you hit the play button.



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