EFM 2017: Drew Pearce To Debut With Jodie Foster Actioner, HOTEL ARTEMIS For Lionsgate

One rarely sees actress Jodie Foster in an action movie, leading or otherwise. That's not to suggest that she can't carry something physical or intense as films like The Panic Room and The Brave One, have proven, so there's definitely a case to be made to some extent. With this in mind, Drew Pearce, the writer and director behind the hugely-received Marvel One-Shot: All Hail The King as well sharing story and script credits for Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation and Iron Man 3, respectively, is well on deck to make his directorial feature debut.

Pearce's newest move comes a la Lionsgate's latest reported international sales bid for the new Foster-led action thriller, Hotel Artemis, for which WME Global is handling North American rights. Financing is The Ink Factory whose own, joining in producing, are Simon Cornwell and Stephen Cornwell, the latter who boasts of Pearce's script as "captivating" with a "dynamic and compelling story" that features "fantastic characters"; The film has Foster cast as a nurse whose underground hospital for the criminal underworld becomes the hunting ground for an assassin on the hunt for his target.

via Deadline:
“We strive to populate Lionsgate’s international slate with high quality films from top talent that will work for a worldwide audience,” say Lionsgate’s Patrick Wachsberger and Andrew Kramer. “Hotel Artemis accomplishes all of that… We are especially delighted to be part of Drew’s debut as a director and to be re-teaming with the brilliant Marc Platt after our successful collaboration on La La Land.”
Marc Platt, credited for the multi-award winning and Oscar-bound La La Land and is set to produce the forthcoming Shinobi game adaptation as of last April, is also producing as is fellow Drive producer Adam Siegel.


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