CUT TO THE CHASE: Watch The Trailer For Blayne Weaver's New Crime Thriller

Actor Blayne Weaver is making is his latest case known next month following a stellar festival run with the new crime thriller, Cut To The Chase. Filmed in his native Louisiana as his backdrop, the film has already earned its ample share of accolades and laurels, including several Best Director wins.

Max Chase (Blayne Weaver) has always been on the wrong side of the law but his younger sister Isobel (Erin Cahill) always bails him out… Until the day she disappears. 
Isobel’s abusive boyfriend (Luke Sexton), the District Attorney (Patrick Kirton) and the city’s crime boss known as “The Man” (Lance Henriksen) are all suspects in her disappearance.  Fearing for the life of his innocent sister, Max dives back into the world of his dark past while being pursued by The Man’s loyal enforcer (Patrick Day). Max’s only ally is a manipulative yet captivating criminal (Lyndie Greenwood), who is also on the run from The Man. 
Max will do whatever it takes to find his baby sister.
108 Media is releasing the film on March 7 on Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, On Demand and more. Check out the trailer below!


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