BH Tilt, WWE Studios Pick Up Bruce Lee Biopic, BIRTH OF THE DRAGON, For U.S. Theatrical Release

BH Tilt
Action star and actor Philip Ng's latest, Undercover VS Undercover, is readying for market sales this year and with any luck we'll see some footage that covers a few ends. In the meantime, fans can finally expect some more movement regarding his American debut in the lead role of director George Nolfi's Bruce Lee biopic, Birth Of The Dragon, which premiered at TIFF last year.

Word via Deadline has it that WWE Studios and Blumhouse's BH Tilt banner have acquired the film North American theatrical release. Adapted for the screen by Stephen J. Rivele and Christopher Wilkinson from a narrative inspired by Michael Dorgan's 1980 Official Karate Article, "Bruce Lee's Toughest Fight", and action sequences stylized by Corey Yuen, Ng stars as the late film legend who, while in his heyday as an aspring teacher and film star, takes in Steve McKee - played by Billy Magnussen - as one of his students. Between Lee's brewing tension with repentant Kung Fu master Wong Jack Man, played by actor Xia Yu, and McKee's tale of forbidden romance with a young woman, the film reportedly merges both stories which will set up the big fight finale in a private match that still garners controversy to this day.

Much to the chagrin of some, the same could be said for the film which took the brunt of heavy criticism from vociferous fans and moviegoers, including none other than Bruce Lee Enterprises CEO Shannon Lee. A trailer has already since gone viral so fans can judge for themselves while the film finally has landed some distribution with a release date all but pending.


  1. I did really want to see this film because I like Philip Ng, the trailer looks fun, and the source material is obviously fascinating to any true martial arts fan, but every single review that I read about this film ripped it to shreds. I actually don't think that I read a single positive review, which seemed so strange to me with how great the trailer looked.. I will definitely still be checking it out, but my expectations will be extremely low.. But that is probably a good thing because it can only go up from there, lol :P


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