ATTACH Casts 'Chronicle' Star Alex Russell Ahead Of EFM

Highland Film Group will be livening things up this month at the European Film Market representing director Chris Gorak's upcoming third turn at the helm with the new movie, Attach. The film follows to previous directing credits and a longer list of nods in art directing for films such as Minority Report and Fight Club.

Cast for the lead is Chronicle star Alex Russell in the role of Daniel Townsend, a star athlete who befalls a horrific car accident that costs him an arm and a leg, no pun intended. What happens next will determine his fate in the fight to save himself and the people around him when his cutting-edge prosthetics begin to take on a life of their own during his rehabilitation.

Adam Shroeder will produce via his Adam Schroeder Entertainment banner alongside Rob Paris of Paris Film Inc., according to Deadline.


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