Wu Jing Flips Frank Grillo A Double In The First Teaser For WOLF WARRIOR 2

It's a rewarding thing to see action star and filmmaker Wu Jing (SPL 2, Call Of Heroes) back in the fray since the strenuous production of his solo directorial debut, Wolf Warrior, took an already accumulating toll on his physical health to the point of needing surgery. Seeing him bounce back as he has, that he's come back to conquer the sequel is telling of just how much he probably loves the film property, and perhaps no less with the helpful potential forseen by the first film's box office success two years ago.

Thus, with the behind-the-scenes bridging of shared production muscle between China and the U.S., Wolf Warrior 2 has arisen online with new assets for its promotional campaign ahead of its July 28 release. Specific plot details are nil but the first teaser and stills are making the rounds, setting the stage in a war-torn African country for all-out battle between Wu, and a horde of henchmen riding tanks led by Frank Grillo (The Purge: Anarchy/Election Year, Kingdom) as the villain, and a cast that includes returning actress Yu Nan (The Expendables 2), and the addition of actress Celina Jade (Skin Trade, CW series Arrow).

Worth mentioning is the inclusion of sibling film duo Anthony and Joe Russo who have waged a stake of their own in China's film industry in a little over a year. Volunteering their efforts for Wu's sequel will ultimately mean some serious production muscle, especially in the action department with none other than Hollywood stuntman Sam Hargrave (The Mechanic, Captain America: The Winter Soldier/Civil War) coordinating the explosive stunt work.

We get a pretty ample whiff of that in the teaser below, as well as a little bit more on the overall narrative and story, and just the right dose of our hero's snark against a madman in a tank. Check it out below, as well as the stills beneath!


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