Well Go USA Releases Its New Official Trailer For RAILROAD TIGERS

Ding Sheng's new period action adventure, Railroad Tigers, has already undergone its film critic analysis and so you'll find plenty of reviews to source between now and the time you decide to see this one on the big screen. It opens on Friday courtesy of Well Go USA and so hours before then, Thursday saw the release of the new official trailer for the Jackie Chan headliner which sees our legendary star lead a ragtag team of rebels on a last ditch effort to cripple the Japanese during World War II.

Our own review is up and in citing it some, look out for the usual formulaic, big scale Chan-style action and adventure you can expect, though less of a martial arts variety. Also, keep an eye out for Chan's own son, Jaycee, leading a solid physical and comedic performance alongside his father despite the press neglect a la Chinese censorship, as well as other noticeables like Huang Zitao as the musician of the group, Wang Kai as the deadly sharpshooter, and even Ikeuchi Hiroyuki whose villainy spawns some pretty brilliant, jocular flair.

Oh, and a cameo. For no reason. Literally.

Catch the trailer now and enjoy your weekend with Chan at the movies!


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