Tiger Chen Takes The Sci-Fi Scenic Route In IQIYI Mini-Series, KUNG FU TRAVELER

Don't expect too hugely to hear more about director Zianfeng Zhang's latest sci-fi actioner, Kung Fu Traveler. Rising action sensation Tiger Chen headlines the spectacle along with actress Wang Zhi which boasts something of a big deal as a Chinese/Hollywood collaboration in its trailer which aired back in November.

That it bears mentioning with Chen's career progression in the past twenty years whilst working under Master Yuen Woo-Ping and with credits ranging from The Matrix Trilogy to Chen's own solid acting debut in the kung fu spiritual drama, Man Of Tai Chi, may certainly help here. Alas, that's only if this is going to be granted a release outside of China's internet movie staple, IQIYI.com, though with Hollywood action collaborative and production banner 8711 involved, Kung Fu Traveler should still garner some kind of potential.

The aliens invade earth. After a furious battle, the General, Tiger CHEN decides to send his robot back to the golden age of Kung Fu by a time machine and then the robot can learn how to deal with the aliens. Ziying CHEN who secretly loves the General wants to travel with the robot, however they accidently go back to the South China in Qing Dynasty...

Chen does have a few attachments to other projects, notably films such as Triple Threat which joins him along with the likes of international action stars Tony Jaa and Iko Uwais, as well as Kung Fu Cowboy following its sales market announcement back in November of 2015. Time will tell how these go while the former is expected to commence production soon, with Chen seuging onto Kung Fu Traveler's upcoming two-part miniseries local premiere with a date announced for February 1.

Check out the footage below!

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