LEGEND OF THE BROKEN SWORD HERO Debuts Buakaw As A Warrior On The Rise In The Official Trailer

Bang Rajan helmer Bin Bunluerit's latest offering looks like nothing short of a breakthrough for career kickboxing favorite Buakaw Banchamek whose ascension in film already has one notch witha small role in Nopportin Watin's 2010 epic, Yamada: The Samurai Of Ayothaya. For this, we venture deep into Thailand's history for the epic story of a legendary military general as the basis for the new film, Legend Of The Broken Sword Hero, which had been in the works for sometime now following a nifty proof teaser back in 2015.

With last month's teaser setting the pace, the official trailer arrived this week with an immersive new peak into a roaring, staunch origin tale of Thongdee, a fighter whose rise from disparity as a young runaway would take him on a journey to become the toughest warrior among his people in years preceding his military status. Banchamek showcases his fighting prowess accordingly and on full display in the trailer below ahead of the film's February 9 release, and you can bet this won't be the last we hear of Banchamek staking his claim in action stardom.

With English subtitles to grant a fuller perspective, watch the new trailer below now!


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