JAILBREAK: Hip-Hop Duo KmengKhmer Unleashes The Official Music Video For The Film's OST

The campaign for director Jimmy Henderson's latest martial arts action comedy inception, Jailbreak, is full speed ahead with just a few weeks left before its release in Cambodian cinemas, and even a mobile game en route! I humbly ask that we all keep the faith in this instance that this one gets the legitimate release overseas that it so deserves like with other Asian titles as of late because this film looks purely delightful and the most recent trailer for it sells the absolute goods!

Martial arts exponents, actors Dara Our and Jean-Paul Ly lead the charge with Ly servicing the action design for the film's premise, telling of a tactical squad forced to fight its way out of a deadly and dangerous prison whilst protecting the very criminal witness they've escorted from the gang that wants his head. Phillip Savin and Sirivudh Sisowath also star along with fellow fighting talents Tharothoum Sam, Tara Vy and Laurent Plancel, and introducing debut film actress Cèline Tran seuging from the AV market to her first role in a major movie.

It's a joy to observe and hopefully we will all see this through on the big screen or on DVD and Blu-Ray very soon without the challenges of piracy ruining it for the fans wishing to support this. The marketing is in full swing and as such, the film's Khmer title track has landed the official music video featuring Koa Punleur and Chea Socheat, otherwise known as hip-hop duo, ក្មេងខ្មែរ - KmengKhmer, who also co-star in the film, with new action-packed footage no less - all brilliantly shot by the film's exceptional DP and one of Film Combat Syndicate's favorites, Godefroy Ryckewaert.

Have a looksy and a listen below, and don't miss the trailer!


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