Dwayne Johnson's BLACK ADAM Will Split SHAZAM In Two Movies

Long since the confirmation of actor Dwayne Johnson as Black Adam in New Line and DC Entertainment's upcoming adaptation, Shazam, it appears that the film has undergone an evolution of sorts. A report from THR has otherwise confirmed that there will be two movies instead of one, thus granting Johnson his own spin-off following his recent upworthy meeting with DC Films head Geoff Johns. Shazam was originally confirmed for its installation in the DC Cinematic Universe in 2014 as DC announced its then-official line-up.

Hailing from Fawcett Comics in 1939 as Captain Marvel, with ownership and rights evidently landing at DC Comics later on, Shazam was created by Bill Parker and C.C. Beck, telling of a Billy Batson, a young boy who could transform into the adult-sized hero by calling his name, acronymized with its letters standing for the names of ancient gods and heroes. Sharing Shazam's universe, of course, is Black Adam, who emerged in print in 1945 as the alter-ego of Theo Adam rivaling that of Batson's, often noted as a pivotal anti-hero of the franchise apart from his historic legacy as a supervillan.

The report from THR confirms Johnson's film will grant him an anti-hero tale inspired by the comic series which makes it anyone's guess among the experts where that plot will go as Shazam prepares itself for a few sparring moments between both titans. Until then, neither film has a director while Shazam has a script in tow from writer Henry Gayden ahead of its April 5, 2019. The forthcoming Black Adam spin-off for the upcoming Fate Of The Furious star is also another notch in the ever-changing superhero movie landscape with additional talk of DC duo Blue Beetle & Booster Gold, as well as a Suicide Squad sequel and ensuing Deadshot spin-off, and the recent news of Gotham City Sirens at Warner Bros.


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