Dave Ardito's PERCEPTION OF PEACE Spotlights Action, Drama And Global Turmoil In The First Teaser

German action cinema will be popping up on our radar quite a bit this year among other things, and with a talent base far from faint. Actor and stuntman Dave Ardito is one such example whose recent stunt performance credits include James McTeigue, as well as Mike Moeller actioners, Arena Of The Street Fighter and One Million K(l)icks, and after a small raft of shortfilm credits in the director's chair, it wasn't until around 2014 that the wheels began turning at Ardito's production banner, Visioncreed, for their newest thriller, Perception Of Peace.

Ardito leads the cast of the film from his own script which blends family drama and war themes with sprawling action depicting the tale of an American who sets out in search of his long lost brother by way of his diary amidst brewing global conflict and the rise of a supposed terrorist organization. Pia Grey is producing the film, self-financed at its core with Ardito pacing the sporadic production calandar to help balance between the scheduling of its crew while cameras are set to continue rolling this Spring with Young Masters's own Lorenz Hideyoshi, Kampfansage duo Mathis Landwehr and Volkram Zschiesche, and actors Jan Martin Müller, Rajab Hassan and Kai Fung Rieck starring.

For all this and more with time telling the evident result of this filmic endeavor, we have a teaser as of late last month that garners every bit of praise for its compelling approach as an indie piece. Teasing a mingle of action and sibling drama with political intrigue and ruminations of ideals heralded audibly by America's late 35th President, it's a teaser that accomplishes a lot in under a minute, and considering the people involved with the inclusion of talents like Jackie Chan protégé Andy Long Nguyen and T7's own Vi-Dan Tran, I'm pretty sold.

Take a look below!


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