Could Actress And Martial Artist Sarah Chang Be Disney's Next MULAN?

Golden Horde Productions
With Sony Pictures and director Alex Graves priming their take on Disney's animated 1998 adventure, Mulan, Disney themselves is also journeying to complete their own reprisal of the film with Avatar co-scribes Rick Jaffa and Amanda Silver piecing together the latest scriptwork. As you might also expect, casting and auditions are already underway for the film's slated 2018 release with a few important rounds already finished through the process as the powers that be find their star of choice.

Take, for example, Virginia native Sarah Chang, five-time USA National Wushu Team member now based in Beijing, China. Growing up influenced in martial arts from childhood and having trained with the likes of those familiar with action star Jet Li, Chang's career took a prospective turn in Taiwan. Thus, with a career brewing in Asia in recent years, some of her documented work in film and training can best be viewed in a stellar work reel published in October of last year, and it's one that certainly helps Chang make her case for film and television stardom.

That case continued further at Golden Horde Productions where directors, lensers Temujin Shirzada and VFX wiz, editor Tatjana Shirzada, and versatile industry stuntman Umar Khan assembled a glossy new hype-teaser dubbing The Rise Of Mulan with Chang in the title role. Trade news on the matter is yet to be officially announced as casting enters its remaining phases with Chang now one of any number of actresses vying for the coveted position of the starring role. For this, it's worth noting that with Chang being the genuine article that she is, our trio of directors have certainly crafted something slick and stylish to inspire viewers to keep the up-and-comer on our radar. Plus, it wouldn't be the first time a studio brought a fresh face to star in a major headliner and for what it's worth, Chang surely looks the part she's aiming for.

Check it out below while it's still available for viewing, and feel free to comment below and let us know if you agree that Chang has what it takes to lead the charge!


  1. Absolutely, she is very hard working and dedicated. Plus she has the skills to shine.


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