Channel Blast: THAT PHAT SAMURAI GUY Takes On The AMERICAN NINJA Franchise In 40+ Hilarious Minutes

American Ninja - The Ultimate Collection
The eclectic time capsule of memorable action cinema that is Cannon will always be regarded as one of the biggest and beloved staples of movie history for years to come, no matter how legendarily great or campy the product. The late 80's served us well on the matter with the ninja craze in full effect as the American Ninja franchise took hold with actors Michael Dudikoff, David Bradly and the late Steve James front and center and for what it's worth, it's still a series of films that continue to pay off to this day for its worthwhile moments of entertaining fun, excitement, and unapologetic cheese.

Enter Preston Downey and Candice Lord a la YouTube channel, That Phat Samurai Guy and their latest review/reaction offering to the first four films with a fifth viewable in a seperate video. I've only recently subscribed to this particular channel and it's just hilarious watching these two react to the films on hand. The quips and banter are all in good fun though, as clear as are the flaws and stumbles all pointed out. The 80's were fun and surely enough, it's always fun reflecting on this fact through cinema...

Yes... beach ninjas, bar ninjas, shotgun ninjas, non-ninja ninjas, ninjettes, and James's Sgt. Curtis Jackson stomping the shit out of them all. Fun times.

Break out the beer and chips and enjoy your next hour, and yes, subscribe while you're at it.


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