BATTLESHIP ISLAND: Catch The Teaser For Ryoo Seung-Wan's Japanese-Occupation Era Epic

Director Ryoo Seung-Wan's Battleship Island is coming this summer following the success of his 2015 action comedy, Veteran. That one is already poised for a sequel while here, we are swept into a much darker period in history as the film delves into the lives of three men and their stories among the hundreds of others forcefully taken on Hashima Island during Japanese occupation at the top of the 1900s.

Hwang Jung-Min plays a bandmaster desperate to protect his family while So Ji-Sub plays a tough fighter with a warm heart, and Song Joong-Ki stars as an insurgent leading a rescue mission for one of his independence fighters. The film is opening this summer and, as per its brand, may hopefully acquire a release via CJ's USA shingle, so it's a waiting game, no less. In the meantime, the latest teaser has already gone viral so take a look below!


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