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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

BROS. MAXMAN Teams Superhero Sibs Against Evil Forces In The First Trailer

I can't remember the last time an average joe schmo put on a pair of glasses and became a superhero. Apparently this is the narrative being stuck to as seen in Masuda Akihide's 2015 debut, Mr. Maxman spoofing the superhero genre with comedic doses aplenty.

What The F*ck Did They Do To A.L.P.H.A. 5 For The New POWER RANGERS Movie?

We saw the first official teaser trailer for Dean Isrealite's Power Rangers back in October ahead of its forthcoming release in March of next year and prior to this, most of the costumes thusfar look fantastic. That said, up until now the only gripe I've had was Poison Ivy look of villainess Rita Repulsa as depicted in costume with actress Elizabeth Banks.

Catch The Latest Trailer For Cho Ui-Seok's MASTER

A friend of mine named Takai got on my case for not remembering an action scene from the film, Kundo which featured actor Gang Dong-Won as the main villain. She's an avowed fan of his and that being said, she sort of put me in the doghouse (jokingly) even though I hadn't seen the film in a couple of years.

Cine Asia Takes Heed Of Benny Chan's CALL OF HEROES For VoD, DVD & Blu-Ray In January

If there were ever an actor worthy of big screen appeal as a villain, instantly it would be actor Louis Koo as the heinous, murdering son of a General in Benny Chan's latest home release prospect, Call Of Heroes. Action legend Sammo Hung himself directed the action headlining the riveting drama telling of a group of skilled warriors uniting against a coming threat with actors Eddie Peng, Wu Jing, Sean Lau and Liu Kai Chi delivering even more of the film's best performances.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Kennedy: No Plans For A ROGUE ONE: A STAR WARS STORY Sequel

Welp, fact is that Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is pretty much selling itself much like any other event title I usually taper off from. How? Well you needn't look further than the reports citing the need for "waiting rooms" with Fandango and Movietickets boasting their biggest first day sales ever, beating out Deadpool and Suicide Squad.

MONSTER HUNT 2 Scares Up Tony Leung Chiu-Wai To Join Cast

Actor Tony Leung Chiu-Wai (The Grandmaster, See You Tomorrow) is set to stake his claim in the now-filming Monster Hunt 2 from Edko Films. Raman Hui is currently rolling cameras for a 2018 release with little plot details known while Leung is said to play a role that stands pivotal for our its principal lead CG character from the first film.

Jackie Chan's RAILROAD TIGERS Lands An Explosive New Trailer

Ding Sheng's latest World War II action adventure romp, Railroad Tigers, is just weeks away from its China release and another full trailer has arrived with English subs to peep at until then. Also worth noting is the film's U.S. release which isn't too far off courtesy of Well Go USA which should make 2017 a spectacle to help ring in the new year some.

Monday, November 28, 2016

THE HIT LIST: November 28, 2016

Particular current events in the news notwithstanding, Thanksgiving weekend was a mild letdown on my end. We still had dinner though, which was awesome as always. A bit indigestive? Yes... But delish nonetheless.

Get A Look At The Action-Packed Sales Trailer For Brian Ho's Lead Debut, BEYOND REDEMPTION

We were thoroughly excited when Hong Kong stunt veteran-turned-filmmaker Bruce Fontaine began circulating markets earlier this year for his latest directorial debut, Beyond Redemption. In the months since then we were also pleased that the film landed at Well Go USA for its forthcoming home releases, as such now reportedly dated for February 7, 2017.

Derek Yee's SWORD MASTER Wields A Poster And Release Date

If there were ever a film to arrive in time for the holidays, it appears it would be director Derek Yee's latest 3D endeavor, Sword Master. The film is releasing theatrically this Friday in China and is now bound for screens in North America and Canada on December 9 as per Well Go USA's latest announcement which now comes branded with a fresh new U.S. poster. Peep it below along with a small batch of stills from the film!

DEAD SHACK: Peter Ricq's New Kickstarter Needs Your Help!

The pitch trailer for Peter Ricq's gory new horror thriller production, Dead Shack, is just too hilarious. The biggest factor in that is the seemingly young age of the children in the footage which makes this so much more fun given the vision and overall look and tone and it all looks really appealing.

The New Trailer For South Korean Action Comedy, COOPERATION, Gets A Little Too Close For Comfort

My own off-time has allowed me to catch up on a bunch of South Korean film gems this year and so I plan on taking in some more going into 2017. Cooperation, CJ Entertainment's latest feat from sophomore director Kim Sung-Hoon certainly looks like a worthwhile treat with an odd couple twist about two cops from both sides of the DMZ working to bring down the boss of a North Korean refugee crime organization.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

SUPER EXPRESS Delivers Zany Laughs And Big Leaps In The Latest Trailer

Right off the bat, director Xiao Song's latest affair, Super Express, is outright silly looking and completely for the comedy crowd. Needless to say this one also dares to tap into the action niche some with the presence of none other than actor and parkour extraordinare David Belle to accomodate the antics of Michael Chan and actress Song Ji-Hyo who lead the story of a courier whose chance meeting with a beautiful woman embroil him in a world of crime and danger. Obviously.

Watch The New Music Video From The HEADSHOT OST, "Impostor Heart" By Andre Harihandoyo & Sonic People

The new 'Mo Bros action flick, Headshot, is just over ten days away as of this piece and a lot of us are already sold on it. For this, many of us still get to relish in all the hype for the film's campaign, likely taking in gobloads of teaser footage - I don't really know how much there is of that though since all I've seen were the first two official trailers and a snippet of the first behind-the-scenes video which you can view here as we wait for more featurettes.

Friday, November 25, 2016

Celina Jade Rejoins Wu Jing For WOLF WARRIORS 2

There's a lot happening in the next few years and especially with actor and martial artist Wu Jing who is still in production with his latest sequel offering, Wolf Warriors 2. The film follows up last year's hit in the wake of a lengthy post-production, thankfully landing the film a nearly $90 million dollar gross in China, making it a Spring blockbuster.

The Official Trailer For Andrew Goth Sci-Fi Action Thriller, MINDGAMERS, Is Just Mental!

Gallowwalkers helmer Andrew Goth's latest turns out to be a bit of a bigger deal than expected. The new film which headlines Sam Neill among its youthful cast was initially titled DxM as per its narrative about a brilliant group of students who discover the dark side of their latest scientific awakening.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

HEADSHOT Ignites Online With Thrilling Behind-The-Scenes Footage

Read our latest interview Singaporean action star Sunny Pang and you'll learn quite a bit about his career, family life and goals through next year, including the currently completed Diamond Dogs, and the long-awaited production of The Night Comes For Us which starts rolling cameras in December. In the meantime, perhaps some of the best news you'll see in press as of late will pertain to the upcoming release of the new 'Mo Brothers movie, Headshot, releasing on December 8 in Indonesia followed by a wider release in 2017.

STAR TREK: DISCOVERY Confirms Michelle Yeoh In A Recurring Role

A few days ago, ComingSoon.net reported that actress and martial artist Michelle Yeoh was up for a role in CBS's forthcoming All Access series, Star Trek: Discovery. It wasn't confirmed at the time, but developments in the last twenty four hours have finally made it official that Yeoh's would be a Captain's role.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

STEP UP: CHINA: First Teaser Poster Signals Ron Yuan's Directorial Dance/Martial Arts Hybrid Debut For Lionsgate Co-Production

It was going to happen eventually, I reckon. Indeed, pick almost any dance movie in recent memory and you're bound to see some choreography blending a dose or several of martial arts. Such is what appears to be happening now over at Lionsgate who, joined by China’s Infinity Pictures/CMC and Yue Hua Entertainment Culture Communications, are now signaling their latest movement with the first teaser poster for a sixth installment of the Step Up franchise to begin on December 9 with locations in Beijing and Los Angeles.

ATTRACTION Gets Multi-Territorial IMAX Deals Worldwide

It was back in June when Stalingrad helmer Fedor Bondarchuk dazzled the web with a teaser for his most recent endeavor, Attraction, from Art Pictures Studio and Vodorod Film Company. Indeed it's some of the biggest sci-fi we're seeing and as of late, news broke at Variety that the film has already been administered for distribution deals in up to forty three territories, including China, France and Italy.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

GHOST SOURCE ZERO: Cyberwarfare And Artillery Go Big In The Slick New First Look Trailer!

2011 saw ample opportunity for independent director and Planet Nerd Rage Productions founder Mark Cheng to leave an impression for the Hasbro fanbase, and so he did upon the release of G.I. Joe fan film, Operation: Red Retreival. Fast forward to 2016 and with the blessing of G.I. Joe creator and comic book auteur Larry Hama, Cheng is back once again with his latest in-house original testament to futuristic action and cyberpunk sci-fi, Ghost Source Zero.

Chad Stahelski To Direct HIGHLANDER, Produce With David Leitch For Lionsgate

2014 was a real milestone year for John Wick debut directors Chad Stahelski and David Leitch. The hit film has since become the continuing reference point for both veteran stunt professionals and second unit directors as the two grew more and more prolific over the past couple of years with both names being in the mix to helm several titles.

CROWDFUNDING ALERT: Help Keep The Dorans Together In Their Time Of Need Following Last Week's San Leandro Shooting

From L to R: Paul and Susan Doran, daughter Kaitlin and wife, Bridger
I normally don't discuss a lot of real world events seeing as how this site is normally rooted in entertainment and film news, but I am inclined to play a role in helping out where and when I can. It involves a near-fatal incident that happened last Thursday when a car fleeing a shootout with another car crashed into a Toyota Prius in San Leandro, California, injuring Paul Doran and wife, Susan.

The jaws of life were reportedly needed to free the couple after the crash. As NBC Bay Area reported this week, the shooting is still being investigated while both Paul and Susan suffered extensive severe injuries; Paul,' is currently in a medically induced coma and fighting for his life after sustaining multiple internal upper-body injuries while Susan suffered broken bones and torn ligaments in her arm, leg, ribs and spine.

Since then, the family has had to enter the spotlight a bit. Their daughter-in-law, Bridger Fox Doran, is an actress and stuntwoman I've been familiar with up to a decade thusfar and I've covered her a few times on my site. It was on early Friday morning that I learned of this whole incident after texting her asking what happened, and this week, she's had to share her story with NBC Bay Area with word that the insurer wouldn't be able to pay for Susan's surgeries if they didn't move her to one of their own facilities, essentially separating her from her husband in their time of need.

The latest report does state that the insurance company, Kaiser, did hint at a change of heart in that matter, but it's not enough. With Bridger and her wife, Kaitlin, only able to pay for 100% of Paul's costs, Susan's surgeries still need to be compensated as the medical costs will increase beyond their means.

As such, the family has already begun crowdfunding at You Caring where you can read more about the situation in full detail, as well as donate. Of course, however, if you cannot donate, share the You Caring link throughout social media. Copy and paste the link for friends and family to do the same, and anyone who may be able and willing to lend a helping hand to a family working harder than they should to keep itself together in their time of need this Holiday season.

'Resident Evil' Duo To Tackle MONSTER HUNTER Franchise For The Big Screen

Deadline reported on Monday that Paul W.S. Anderson and producing partner Jeremy Bolt are now well on the way to adapt the hit Capcom video game, Monster Hunter for the big screen. The widely popular game series hailing from Japan for the Playstation 2 first emerged in 2004 and has since succeed with up to a dozen games spanning several consoles and platforms with a thirteenth already on the way for March.

Monday, November 21, 2016

HARD BOILED: Warner Bros. Mingles With Dark Horse Property For 'High Rise' Star And Director

Did you ever catch director Ben Wheatley's 2015 thriller, High Rise or notably the latest trailer for rousing crime flick, Free Fire? If not, take a gander at either and you might understand why it appears both Wheatley and High Rise star Tom Hiddleston are the current frontrunners for a new property at Warner Bros.

THE HIT LIST: November 21, 2016

Well, it's been another work weekend for me as usual, but thankfully it comes with a few rewarding jewels - one of which came to me on Thursday last week.

Trailer For Legendary Russian Fantasy Epic, FURIOUS, Rages Online

If there's one thing I've learned in writing about film in the last several years is to not drop the ball on places like Russia. Here you'll learn of Ivan Shurhovetskiy's own directotial debut in the works for an April release next year with the film, Furious, and needless to say, that it looks!

RONIN AT LARGE: An Interview With Sunny Pang

Photo: Arnold Wells
The latest Fall film festival premieres of the new 'Mo Brothers amnesiac revenge thriller, Headshot, has already drawn waves of approval from most critics and fans able to attend film events in Texas, as well as in Busan and Sitges to name a few. The film also landed in Toronto before long where select cast members also intended the film's Midnight Madness opener, including the film's co-star, Sunny Pang who became known to me as early as 2012 by way of director James Lee's action comedy, The Collector.

Thankfully, friend and one of Canada's best stuntmen, Alex Chung took to this year's Toronto International Film Fest to screen Headshot for a review on our site. I also recommended it as a chance for him to meet Pang and the cast and unfortunately their meeting was too brief in the midst of the electricity in the room for them to have a proper chat, and I, for one, hope that gets rectified before long.

It would also be a momentous step forward for Pang who, in the wake of such a stellar promotional campaign for his newest role opposite actor and action star Iko Uwais of The Raid fame, has seen quite his own journey in tackling different trades before finally planting his feet firmly as one of today's hardest working stuntmen and actors to date. With Headshot, the film landed Pang one of the biggest milestones of his career with the hopes of gaining a more international footing after years of working for local directors in and around Singapore and Hong Kong.

For this, it was a real honor to have finally spoken to Pang for our recent interview, as well as building a rapport with each other in the last few years. Indeed, the work is important to Pang, but much like me and a number of others in his field, he looks more into the depth, energy and soul of a project as well as the people behind it and having Skyped with him for a time or two, I can wholly attest to his character; He's a terrific family man, his wife, Angel, is gorgeous and speaking of angels, such are his kids - curious about the world that Sunny speaks through on his smartphone wondering who that bald guy is talking to their father...

Hi, kids!

Most of all, Pang has earned, and still continues to earn, his stripes in the world of action on film through his own performance as well as fight choreography and stunt direction with his new team, Ronin Action Group. They're up and coming, and at best, will hopefully help land Singapore on the map even more for fruitful prospects in their field.

This interview took a bit of time to edit and assemble between Pang's own and schedule and mine, but I am proud to finally have it up and running ahead of the upcoming Indonesian premere of Headshot later this year. The film is already on deck for releases in 2017 and I seriously hope that a bunch of my friends will join me in seeing it then because I love a good movie night with great company, and I love watching my friends on the big screen.

The following has been edited for grammar and content, and furthermore, was an honor and privilege to host. Please enjoy.

Film Combat Syndicate: Thanks for getting back to me Sunny! How have things been for you this year so far?
Sunny Pang: This year has been good to me, all thanks to 'Mo brothers for giving me to play a leading role in Headshot as Lee! I couldn't thank Timo Tjahjanto enough for giving me this opportunity, and I also feel fortunate to work with Iko Uwais and his team, and the other cast members as well! Aint it cool! [laughs] 

Friday, November 18, 2016

DEADPOOL 2 Rebounds With David Leitch Directing

I'm watching Deadpool as I'm writing this prior to your reading of it. It'll be interesting to see how the upcoming sequel turns out under David Leitch who recently set out for his upcoming solo directorial debut on The Coldest City this July following his co-director services on John Wick a few years ago.

Screw The Rumors. Warner Bros's MORTAL KOMBAT Now Has A Director

More than a year after developments surrounding the forthcoming reboot film adaptation of hit fighting game, Mortal Kombat, the news is now finally out with word that Award-winning Australian commerical director Simon McQuoid is up to direct the film. The news comes long since a third follow-up from New Line Cinema's PG-13 adaptation in 1995 and its lesser-performing sequel in 1998 went shelved, leaving little to hope for until filmmaker Kevin Tanchaoren breathed new life into the film with a leaked pitch in 2010 and two-webseries seasons for Machinima by 2013 before parting ways as well.

Peng Zhang's ASURA Details A Brewing Battle Between The Heavens In New Set Photos

THR is presenting an in-depth glimpse at the gargantuan production scale of debut director Peng Zhang's latest, Asura. The film takes its cues from ancient mythology and is centered on a story involving the titular dimension - defined as a realm of desire, which is threatened by an uprising from a lower heavenly kingdom.

JAGVELD Thrills In A Trio Of Teasers For The New South African Crime Pic

Award-winning novelist Deon Meyer has become prolific in his days since taking up the craft full-time in 2009. Among a small list of other things he's since added filmmaker to his credits with the 2013 film, Die Laaste Tango and is now back with Jagveld, a gritty new crime thriller slated for a March release.

Nic Mathieu's Sci-Fi Action Thriller, SPECTRAL, Gets A Netflix Release In December

One film we might all be able to look forward to this holiday season is the new sci-fi action thriller, Spectral, which was reportedly aiming for a theatrical release this summer that never came through. Instead, the film is heading to Netflix with a premiere date set for December 9 Legendary Pictures according to a new report this week at Deadline.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

THE CROW REBORN: Production Lands At Davis, Highland And Electric For 2017 Start; Momoa And Hardy Attachment Uncertain

Pretty much any and every Jason Momoa fan out there is now investing their hopes in seeing how awesomely he'll do in the forthcoming Aquaman and Justice League movies. They're two of the more prolific of the bunch next to a couple of others like Braven, The Bad Batch and Sugar Mountain, though if you found yourself forgetting he was last tapped to star in Corin Hardy's rendition of The Crow, it's easy to see why.

Jesse V. Johnson's Comic Book Adaptation, ACCIDENT MAN Confirms Its Roster With Martial Arts Star Scott Adkins Leading

The past few weeks have been brewing something under the radar in a modest effort to surprise action fans before several details about Jesse V. Johnson's latest film, Accident Man, were leaked online via IMDb. At this point it pretty much makes the best sense to report it all know and thus, the latest trade news via Deadline confirms most of the suspected cast along with a few surprises as follows.

RAILROAD TIGERS Takes The Action Topside In The U.S. Trailer!

Well Go USA is back with a second go this week in a small round of announcements for the Asian cinema crowd. For this, we get international film legend and Oscar winning action star Jackie Chan at the center of it all in Ding Sheng's latest, Railroad Tigers.

KONG: SKULL ISLAND Reveals More Than Just An Angry Ape In The Final Trailer

Two years since Gareth Edwards's Godzilla, it was decided to build an even sizeable cinematic monster movieverse with the one and only King Kong. As such, it was over the summer that Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures rightly teased the summer Comic-Con crowd with a teaser for Jordan Vogt-Robert's latest treatment, Kong: Skull Island, and now we have an official final trailer that promises a great continuing vehicle, and nothing short of a crowdpleaser at that.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

THE MONKEY KING 2 Continues The Legend At Home On DVD, Blu-Ray And Digital HD This Winter!

Having been the more well received of the trilogy now in progress, the Aaron Kwok-starring second chapter, The Monkey King 2 is finally headed to U.S. audiences following limited theatrical releases earlier this year. December 6 is the date for its Digital HD offering prior to its DVD/Blu-Ray release on January 3, and with any luck we'll be holding a giveaway for three lucky winners between now and then!

PANDORA Signals A Race Against Mother Nature's Clock In The Latest Trailer For The New Park Jung Woo Disaster Thriller

Attack The Gas Station and Deranged helmer Park Jung-Woo's latest thriller, Pandora, is certain to score views around the world in 2017 when it hits Netflix. Until then, South Korea has first dibs on the new film which sees Kim Nam-gil (The Pirates) as a man who sets out to save his family and country from an impending atomic explosion following a devastating earthquake.

KAMIKAZE Crashlands With Action, Espionage And Big Stunts In The Official U.S. DVD Trailer

I haven't been kidding about my praise in the last few years for multifaceted stuntman and actor Marcus Shakesheff's latest starring/directorial debut, Kamikaze, and I'm far from doing so now. The first-ever film of its kind in Wales is readying its U.S. DVD release on December 13, 2016 courtesy of Indican Pictures and the official trailer has arrived to help deliver the goods.

The First Teaser For Fumihiko Sori's FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST Charges Online In Exchange For Your Hype!

Without question in my own collective up keep of live-action anime/manga-adapted feature titles to come, Fumihiko Sori's take on the sprawling epic, Fullmetal Alchemist, is sure to be on radar for many an otaku. It's also been one of the more tedious animes to follow with there being two versions - the latter being Irie Yasuhiro's Bones-produced Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood providing a more complete telling of the Arakawa Hiromu manga.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

LOGAN Is On The Run In A New Poster

Needless to say we'll still be getting more official black-and-white stills stemming from the forthcoming release of James Mangold's new film, Logan. That said, the poster and trailer side of things will be sure to color it up some and the latest poster started rolling out with international captions, and on Tuesday with an English version of it featuring actor Hugh Jackman and actress Dafne Keen.

Ringo Lam Actioner, SKY ON FIRE, Ignites Its Way To Theaters In The U.S. And Canada From Well Go USA

Certainly one of the more stellar looking films as of late, the trailers for Ringo Lam's upcoming action thriller, Sky On Fire, have been nothing short of eye-popping. The stunts, action and pacing for the film's story in whole feel truly fitting with the emboldened nature of Lam's leagcy as one of the greatest in his field and with none other than actor Daniel Wu front and center of it all.

'Warrior' Helmer Gavin O'Connor Is Readying A More 'Badass' THE GREEN HORNET Reboot At Paramount Pictures!

It's been five years since Colombia Pictures took a stab with its own take on the classic crimefighting superhero, The Green Hornet. Ultimately proving itself to be a less-than stellar take on the character with actors Seth Rogen and Jay Chou in the lead, the film flopped at the domestic box office in the wake of otherwise mixed reviews.

Relativity, Storyoscopic Announce Production Deal; Sequels To IMMORTALS, THE NOVEMBER MAN And More In The Works

Not to be hindered in the least by previous legal or other financial woes of recent, it appears that Relativity is moving forward with a slate of new titles along with sequels to a number of titles dating back to 2011 or so. A few of these will include sequels to the sci-fi adventure, Earth To Echo, military actioner Act Of Valor, as well as Tarsem Singh's Greek fantasy adventure, Immortals, and Roger Donaldson's 2014 novel adaptation, The November Man.

Monday, November 14, 2016

THE HIT LIST: November 14, 2016

Things didn't turn out too well for me over the weekend during the afterevents of the UASE in New York City on Saturday evening. Opportunities got cut short which pretty much undid any writing I would have liked to do, though it wasn't a huge waste as I got to shake hands with one of the Expo's attendees, stuntman Donald Tucker, which you can read about here.

THE FRENCH DRAGON Places Alan Delabie Front And Center For The Action In The First Teaser

Following a small string of shorts and the 2007 co-directorial horror, Long Pigs, helmer Chris Power is already underway in Canada as of earlier this year with the upcoming indie actioner, The French Dragon. Parisian martial artist and actor Alan Delabie takes center stage in the film as a stuntman off to meet with his backpacking girlfriend in Canada when she ends of missing.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

A Barrage Of Fisticuffs And Bloody Knuckles Signal The First Look Teaser For Indie MA Thriller, BOUND BY DEBT

It's been a few years since we learned of actor, martial artist and instructor Paul Mormando's Double Fist, formerly a webseries now with feature film prospects and other projects pending. Nowdays you'll see him revving up the promotional campaign for his latest independent thriller, Bound By Debt, which boasts a solid, much more polished work with the help Marc Fratto lensing the pic.

MASTER: Catch The Full Trailer For Cho Ui-Suk's New Thriller

Cold Eyes helmer Cho Ui-Suk looks to have plenty going for him with the forthcoming release of his latest action crime thriller, Master. It's a marvelous feat so far and as exemplary as ever for Korean action fans with a cast as vibrant and stellar as ever with Kundo and The Priests actor Gang Dong-Won in his first role as a detective out to bring down the president of a company involved in a massive fraud case.

Isaac Florentine Hails His Return To Acting In The New Antonio Banderas Actioner, STOIC

Action sequences offically wrapped within the past day for coordinator Tim Man in his latest reunion with director Isaac Florentine on the latest Bulgarian production, Stoic. The film shoot ran quietly under the radar over the past several weeks or so until Spanish-language headlines began rolling out with the film's lead star, Antonio Banderas, going viral a la set pic of a near-slip during some of the film's action work.

See The Major In Action In The First Official GHOST IN THE SHELL Trailer

Long overdue for an explanation good enough to adhere to the protest, the release of live-action manga/anime thriller, Ghost In The Shell, now arrives with its first trailer following a spate of micro teasers and a recent behind-the-scenes look. Undoubtedly this one has an otherwise lush and slick look to it in many of the shots, accompanied by sequences respective to some of the original material.