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Saturday, April 30, 2016

Check Out A Trailer For Shin Tae-Ra's BOUNTY HUNTERS

Currently making its way to screens in Asia this summer is yet another in a slew of Chinese/South Korean film collaborations making the rounds in 2016. And so with director Shin Tae-Ra's new action comedy, Bounty Hunters opening in June, we get Wallace Chung and Lee Min-Ho leading a ragtag quintet of bounty hunters trekking across Asia for a high-profile fugitive wanted by the FBI.

Friday, April 29, 2016

Marc Platt, Stories Int'l To Produce SHINOBI For The Big Screen

Save your energy for the next seveal years to come if you're the type who's most vigilant when it comes to video game adaptations. If you've been tuning in, you already know of several that are underway through various platforms since the launch of Stories International, Inc. back in 2011 with news panning out just a few years later on forthcoming Sega game adaptations.

Benny Chan's CALL OF HEROES Rings In A New Trailer

If you've been feeling down any this week, the good news is you're still alive and you've made it to Friday - just in time to marvel a bit more at the grandeur of Benny Chan's latest, Call Of Heroes. Sammo Hung directs all the cool action seen in the latest trailers making the rounds including the new one released today.

THE PUNISHER Will Return To Netflix!

Well, it only took a little over three months, but now it appears Marvel is *officially* officially confirming the development of a Punisher spin-off series for Netflix. A show had been brewing for a while now with reports speculating its possibility until news broke in January that one would be happening before Marvel's Head Of Television, Jeph Loeb tried walking it back a month later.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

A Manga Heroine Returns In The New CUTIE HONEY: TEARS Teaser Trailer!

Manga author Nagai Go found a means to showcase his craft back in the 1970's and from then on with the popular Akita Shonen print, Cutie Honey, the story of a sexy android superhero on a mission to avenge her "father"'s death at the hands of a horde of supervillains known as the Panther Claw. The property has since stood the test of time through several manga publications therafter, as well as anime and OVA installments and a 2007 live-action drama; Director Anno Hideaki adapted a 2004 live-action film that didn't pan out well for its production company at the time.

Uthaug's TOMB RAIDER Reboot Finds Its Lara Croft

I gladly admit that I wished actress Angelina Jolie reprised her role in a third Tomb Raider movie - not so much the second film but the first. Still, I find it interesting that the nearly two-decade old game property from Eidos and Square Enix is in the works for a cinematic reboot, and in today's film climate, it pretty much makes sense.

THE DUEL: Watch Woody Harrelson Creep You The Hell Out In The New Trailer

Lionsgate Premiere unveiled the newest trailer for actor Liam Hemsworth's new lead role as a Texas Ranger cornered into odds with a priest who is much more than meets the eye. The Duel is opening in limited theaters and on VoD on June 24, directed by Kieran Darcy-Smith from a script by Matt Cook with Woodey Harrelson, Alice Braga and Emory Cohen also starring.

SapientNitro Joins James Cameron To Engage AVATAR Fans With New Immersive Experience

It's been maybe eight years since director James Cameron topped himself at the box-office to the tune of nearly 2.8 billion dollars with the hit film, Avatar. We've yet to see a sequel but 20th century Fox is ramping up four sequels to be released almost every other year from 2018 through 2023, which leaves us off another two years before the next film - That's close to a decade's worth of waiting which should hopefully grant our dear director enough time to plot just how he's going to make 10 billion more dollars by the time Avatar 5 rolls around lest there be any franchise fatigue (it's not impossible).

Aldo Bio, MAIS FORTE QUE O MUNDO Lands A New Trailer Post-Delay

It's understandable that the sting of defeat would ultimately undo anything that was pre-emptively ceremonial. Such was the case for Paris Filmes's postponenent of the new MMA action drama, Mais Forte Que O Mundo: A História De José Aldo following the pound-for-pound Featherweight favorite's UFC 194 defeat against Conor McGregor a month before the film's January release.

Rising Star Jean-Paul Ly Talks Cambodian Action Film, JAILBREAK

I've said it before and I'll say it again: One of the best things about following martial arts action cinema is the young and up-and-coming talent on the rise. As such, one caveat of reading Film Combat Syndicate is following our weekly Hit List wherein time and again you'll find a few updates on the activities involving Jean-Paul Ly, a Cambodian martial artist and actor living in London whose stunt credits include shortfilms like Deep Pan Fury, the JpLp action short, Dead End and the James Bond-inspired Sapphire, and performing stunts in films like Now You See Me 2, Luc Besson's hit movie, Lucy and Joey Ansah's Street Fighter: Assassin's Fist.

Carnage Consumes Japan Once More In The New Teaser For Manga Adap, DEATH NOTE: LIGHT up the NEW world!

My own consumption of anime this year led me to the throes of the paranormal with world presented in the Araki Tetsuro's treatment of Death Note, as inspired by Ohba Tsugumi's 2003-2006 Shueisha manga. Needless to say, Light, the main character of the story, pissed me off the most with a purpose that was far from noble despite his intentions, and the occult he drew from it.

Say ¡Hola! To These Cuban Beauties With FAST 8 Now In Production!

Cue the excitement that looms now more than ever for the first of a final trilogy into Universal Pictures's Fast And Furious saga. Save for some photos that have already begun surfacing from Iceland, the new film, Fast 8, is *officially* officially underway as per the studio's announcement, and of course, with all the familiarity there is with the franchise's use of beautiful women serving as the backdrop for fast cars, underground racing and global action and intrigue, what better way to make it so than a greeting by a large mass hot bikini-clad Cuban hotties?

Pan Anzi's FOR A FEW BULLETS Gets A Slick New Trailer With Stylish Neo-Western Flare

Actress Zhang Jingchu has long been a prospect of mine since first seeing her in Rush Hour 3 and Tsui Hark's Seven Swords. Gladly she's making another leading lady move this summer with director Pan Anzi's stellar-looking neo-Western, For A Few Bullets and the most recent artwork looks just as delightful.

The Russos' Are Looking To Get Involved In WOLF WARRIOR 2

The 2014 release of Captain America: The Winter Soldier was an explosive piece of work from directors Anthony and Joe Russo, and one that definitively put the two on the map for attachment to other projects. Needless to say, they've earned quite a bit of notoriety, perhaps enough to stake a claim in other markers as well, and they did exactly that when it was announced last month that the two would root themselves in both Los Angeles and Beijing under their Anthem & Song banner with the goal of producing films for the Chinese market.

Kathryn Winnick Joins Sony's THE DARK TOWER, Now Filming

The word as of late is that Sony has begun filming Nikolej Arcel's latest book adaptation, The Dark Tower, following the recent casting news that's been building up through now. For this, word via Variety now confirms actress Viking series co-star Kathryn Winnick for her role in the film, though no details have been outlined as of yet.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Well Go USA Picks Up Bruce Fontaine's BEYOND REDEMPTION For North American Release

To simply allege that the stunt field is without merit when it comes to finding leading talent that can meet the demands of both acting and stuntwork couldn't be farther from the truth. Such people do exist today along with a number of films, a lot of which are independently produced by smaller companies and filmmakers who have been working their way up to some notoriety - people like Hong Kong cinema veteran and stuntman Bruce Fontaine.

THE HITMAN'S BODYGUARD Begins Filming With Reynolds, Jackson, Oldman And More

With the rescue of actor Ryan Reynolds's career thanks to the heavy-duty success of 20th Century Fox's Deadpool, the co-star of Ariel Vromen's Criminal is finally underway with the production of his latest gig in The Hitman's Bodyguard. Millenium Films made the announcement on Wednesday following news updates building up since late last year with last month revealing Red Hill and The Expendables 3 helmer Patrick Hughes would be sitting in the director's chair for the film’s production in London.

Max Zhang To Tackle Wild Beasts In Jonathan Li's THE BRINK

I like that Zhang is getting more screentime nowadays. He's been an eye-catcher in Wong Kar Wai's The Grandmaster and Ip Man 3 as of late, and if you're not tired of him yet, the good news is he'll be back in stellar form once more, and sporting blonde hair no less, in Jonathan Li's newest film, The Brink, from Hong Kong-based Sun Entertainment Culture and Sil-Metropole Organization

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

IP MAN 3 Review: Of Masters And Men

Confession. I got a thing about legends. About legendary people who walked this earth, who had humble, otherwise ordinary beginnings (and perhaps, where some are concerned, lived their entire lives under the premise of this deceptive obscurity only to enjoy posthumous historical glory) but went on to achieve so much during their time on this Earth that their influence spans out for generations and generations, influencing culture (multi-culture) as it appears before us today – indeed, every day; a nameless, faceless, unisex deity.

EXCLUSIVE: Xu Haofeng's THE FINAL MASTER Gets A Trio Of Posters

As obscure as a lot of Chinese cinema has been and continues to be, I was pretty relieved in the last several months as we were all informed of the upcoming North American release of author and filmmaker Xu Haofeng's newest film, The Final Master. The film picked up a few good wins and nominations during recent award shows including a Best Choreography award at the Golden Horse 2015 ceremony and a Film Of Merit win in Shanghai this year, and even on those limited terms, it's unimaginable to me, the prospect of this film not getting more attention.

THE BUTTERFLY GUARD Holds Up In The First Trailer For The New Michael Worth MMA Drama

About fifteen years ago back when VHS tapes used a thing and long after being a viewer to the hit TV show, Acapulco H.E.A.T., I found myself relieved with Isaac Florentine's direct-to-video action flick, U.S. Seals 2: The Ultimate Force, which brought actor Michael Worth back to my own attention as a fan. He's since moved on to directing with films like War Wolves and Killing Cupid, and now with the aid of CNC Movie Factory, his newest effort, The Butterfly Guard, is poised for completion soon, and while it may not be too knee-deep into the action variety, Worth samples us a seemingly worthy protagonist with a story perfect for the kind of contemplative drama being aimed at here.

It's David Belle VS Darren Shahlavi In JAYA. Watch The New Trailer For Philippe Tullio's Sci-Fi Action Proof!

Late actor Darren Shahlavi will always be remembered for the 25 years in which he's lit up the screen, and largely as a prominent baddie for martial arts fans in films like Tai Chi II, Ip Man 2 and Ernie Barbarash's 2015 thriller, Pound Of Flesh. Moving onward into the new year though, we have at least a few more appearances to expect of Shahlavi including John Stockwell's Kickboxer: Vengeance which opens this Fall, and soon enough, that courtesy now extends over to the latest efforts from shortfilm director Philippe Tullio, from whom the new sci-fi action proof-of-concept, Jaya, now circulates online featuring our main villain opposite parkour extraordinare, actor David Belle of Banlieue 13 fame.

LẬT MẶT 2: PHIM TRƯỜNG - Watch The Trailer For Ly Hai's Vietnamese Action Comedy Sequel

It's pretty unfortunate we don't hear as often as we should when it comes to the action genre scene in Vietnam. When something does get heard, it's worth celebrating even to some extent, and so we now bring our attention to actor and filmmaker Ly Hai with the newest trailer for Lat Mat 2: Phim Troung. The name has a couple of silly idiomatic translations but I'm just going to go out on a limb here with an interpret it as "The Flip Side 2: Film School", following the adventures of the first film that saw a treasure hunt and the involvement of armed mercenaries.

HiGH&LOW: THE MOVIE Rallies A New Trailer!

The epic size and scale of what has taken shape in the past year with Japanese supergroup, Exile Tribe, has imaginably been a fun one since last year's Hulu premiere of HiGH&LOW: The Story Of S.W.O.R.D. in Japan. The premise in question, of course, lies in the action-packed drama and brutality that follow when a town ruled by five warring gangs (spell out the S.W.O.R.D. portion in the title) is thrown into upheaval when newcomers enter the arena to tip the balance of power.

David Belle Returns In The New Studio + Series, BRUTAL: A TASTE OF VIOLENCE. Watch The Trailer!

Actor, stuntman and parkour extraordinare David Belle has been an outstanding talent for many years now since breaking out with a lead role next to French action talent Cyril Raffaelli in Pierre Morel's 2004 hit, Banlieue 13 and its Ultimatum sequel. He's also popped up in a few titles thereafter with credits on both sides of the camera in Babylon A.D. and coordinating stunts in Oliver Megaton's assassin thriller, Colombiana which is currently up for a sequel (he's also been my personal pick for a hopeful spot as the lead for Fox's Gambit movie - though I've learned to accept its current star if the film happens at all).

Moonstone To Produce LIONHEART Remake

Action star Jean-Claude Van Damme has had quite the career sustaining himself as a bonafide action hero in both mainstream and direct-to-video markets. He's one that fans amply love, specifically having left the impression he has with hits like Bloodsport, Kickboxer and Timecop, as well as Sheldon Lettich's 1991 thriller, Lionheart (a remake of the 1975 Charles Bronson film, Hard Times) which saw him as a former legionaire who goes AWOL and returns to his impoverished neighborhood to fight for his late brother's struggling family.

Monday, April 25, 2016

THE HIT LIST - April 25, 2016

Well, it's Monday morning on my end and belive it or not, I intially lost my entire draft for this week's Hit List. So, this is me typing it all out for you again. You're welcome.

SHERLOCK HOLMES 3 Advances With New Writer

It's been five years since the world saw actors Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law take on the nefarious Dr. Moriarty in Guy Ritchie's Sherlock Holmes: A Game Of Shadows. The film followed suit from Ritchie's 2009 first from Warner Bros. with Downey Jr. and Law leading the way to box office fruition for an epic adventure centered on respective Holmes and Dr. Watson solve some of London's most mysterious crimes of the late 1800s.

Renat Davletyarov's PURE ART Paints A New Trailer For The Upcoming Erotic Thriller

Director Renat Davletyarov has a thing for skin and colorworks for his newest endeavor. Couple these with a few doses of hard-hitting suspense and you have what looks like a stellar opener later this year with action and intrigue for the release of Pure Art later this year in Russia.

Snipes's TEMPLE Offsets New Deal With WWE Studios

Actor Wesley Snipes's current film trajectory was a bit of a mystery, save for earlier-reported news of his starring role in the upcoming action thriller, Temple from WWE Studios and Gene Simmons's Erebus Pictures. Now we have a bit of an idea with news this week that Temple will mark the first of a slate of films in a new deal signed between Snipes and WWE along with Snipes's Maandi Media both companies.

The Claws Come Out In The Final Trailer For X-MEN: APOCALYPSE

I think it's fair to say that almost whenever any kind of super hero movie news makes the rounds speculating that a certain character may or may not make an appearance, the truth in the end will be the opposite. We saw it when we first heard that Robert Downey Jr. wouldn't appear in the third installment of Captain America: Civil War before that was exact opposite was confirmed (comic book aficionados likely knew better), and now after first learning that Hugh Jackman's longstanding X-Men role as Marvel mainstay, Wolverine, wouldn't appear in Bryan Singer's X-Men: Apocalypse, that all turns out to be a complete falsehood in the initial trailer tease for Monday's third trailer release of the film which opens later next month.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

MECHANIC: RESURRECTION Awakens With Its First Still From Dennis Gansel's Sequel

Don't write off actor Jason Statham just yet. He may not be "transporting" anymore, but the 2011 release of Simon West's adaptation of Michael Winner's 1972 Charles Bronson action classic, The Mechanic, boasted high marks of its own at the box office for a worthy sequel as of late 2014, which still very much makes this one prospective of its own success.

Funimation Films Announces Project Itoh's HARMONY For Limited Engagement Next Month

I have to hand it to books - continuing to serve as terrific source material for film and TV properties. Bearing this in mind is the latest announcement from Funimation Films for the upcoming limited engagement of Harmony, the third of three of the late Project Itoh's works in the last few years.

Friday, April 22, 2016

Paramount's Hasbro Movieverse Gets A Writers' Room

Last December saw some fantastic news of upscaling over at Hasbro, Inc.'s Allspark Pictures label to develop a conjoined cinematic movieverse along with Paramount Pictures for several of its properties. As such, an announcement made on Thursday for a writers' room to convene and bring it all together, and who better to lead the charge than award-winning writer Akiva Goldsman? He's recently been running things to help lead producer and director Michael Bay's slew of upcoming Transformers movies and Bumblebee spinoff, and so with his feet already dug in, it appears he's ready for the task, and in the good graces of an arsenal of stellar writers to boot.

Vince Vaughn Cast In S. Craig Zahler's BRAWL IN CELL BLOCK 99

S. Craig Zahler, the director of the award-winning Western horror thriller, Bone Tomahawk was previously attached to direct MadRiver Pictures's Breaking The Empire State back in January. If you've been tracking that project, then it looks like that one will have to wait a bit longer with news on a new action thriller set to go into production later this year.

Landmarks Fall In The New Trailer For INDEPENDENCE DAY: RESURGENCE

Director Roland Emmerich is back this year to attack the Earth once more as he did in 1996's alien invasion blockbuster, Independence Day. A lot has happened since then as the newest trailer for his upcoming sequel, Independence Day: Resurgence, suggests, and all while jam-packed with plenty of sci-fi aerial dogfighting action with the same darn pesky aliens who won't stop attacking us.

Moscow Is Ground Zero In The New Trailer For Russian Action Horror, THE NIGHT GUARD

Crime and comedy director Emilis Velyvis is seuging into something much more spectacular with a film clearly aiming as his own response to films like Twilight and Underworld. For this, we turn to the less comically-leaning The Night Guard, (formerly Wings) which opens in 3D in Russia this summer and boasting a darker and moodier tone that nonetheless accomodates some big scale visuals, slick editing and action-packed setting.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Screener Review: GRIDLOCKED (2016)

Director Allan Ungar first impressed me with his 2014 mixed-martial arts revenge drama, Tapped Out. The film put actor and martial artist Cody Hackman on the radar for a lot of us action fans while the star continued to make strides in film under his Hackybox Pictures banner, and now we continue onward with Hackman next to actor Dominic Purcell in an albeit delightful pairing in Ungar's newest, Gridlocked.

You Know His Name, Now Watch The New JASON BOURNE Trailer

You've known his name for fourteen years since he was salvaged from the sea, and you've followed him as he fought his way through swarms of government assassins while trotting the globe in search of his past. Now he's back in director Paul Greengrass's Jason Bourne, and in case you missed it, you still know his name, unless his real name is Matt Damon, but forget all that. Because you know his name!

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

The 80's Allure With Anti-Drug Warfare In The New Trailer For THE INFILTRATOR

And to think that film and TV favorite, actor Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad, Godzilla) was once a prospect for the role of Lex Luthor - nope, still not over it. Still though, his dimensions as an actor are ever noteworthy and he works them quite fine in the costumes he wears as a once-active real-life Federal Agent in director Brad Furhman's new crime bio, The Infiltrator.

Jackie Chan Smiles Through The Pain In A New SKIPTRACE Poster!

Director Renny Harlin's international action comedy, Skiptrace, has been missing for a while with a release once set for last December. A new trailer began circulating in February before news broke that the film would finally release in the U.S. through Saban Films amid waiting for its own domestic release date in Asia.

Terracotta Distribution Unleashes THE NINE DEMONS In The UK Next Week!

Coming to UK on DVD next week is another classic entry into the Terracotta Distribution bundle with The Nine Demons. April 25 is the date and with a package that includes the usual remastered goods along with a restored grindhouse English dub track for Western kung fu aficionados of the Chang Cheh variety.

Take A Swing At The First Trailer For Boxing Bio, HANDS OF STONE

Replete with boxing biopics as of late, 2016 winds up its latest hard-hitter with Jonathan Jakubowicz's upcoming drama, Hands Of Stone. The Weinstein Company is releasing this one on August 26 in the states, and the latest trailer is out and welcoming actor Edgar Ramirez into the spotlight as one of the greatest boxers in history.

Watch The Sizzling New Trailer For THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN

I'm already a long sold fan of director Antoine Fuqua, and I don't say that lightly. I dug The Replacement Killers in 1998 as well as thrillers like Training Day and Shooter. I could probably go on all day about how much I enjoyed his 2014 big screen reboot of The Equalizer but I won't; that it's a box office success getting a sequel is enough for me.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

New Roads Ahead In The First FAST 8 Teaser Poster

Universal Pictures's The Fast And The Furious saga is one that continues to sell itself to succession, fifteen years and seven hit films into its existence. Alas, with director F. Gary Gray's Fast 8 set to officially roll cameras this summer, who better than franchise star and producer Vin Diesel to keep the hype going? Alas, he's done so with the first teaser poster below.

Orcs And Humans Wage War In The New Trailer For WARCRAFT

Moon helmer Duncan Jones's latest offering is looking sharper with every second that goes viral. Warcraft is the name, taking its cues from the longstanding popular game from Blizzard Entertainment and in fine form with a release set for June 10.

JUSTICE LEAGUE Casts Willem Dafoe For Mystery Role!

The forthcoming Justice League films are still taking shape with director Zack Snyder returning to the helm in what will eventually total as four Warner Bros/DC titles. This will likely fare better for some more than others in the wake of divisive responses toward Batman V. Superman: Dawn Of Justice, to which our own Khalil Barnett contributed his own clarity on the matter in this terrific review.

Your New Rita Has No Horns Or Cone Boobs In Israelite's SABAN'S POWER RANGERS

10,000 years (or a little over three months) after the casting of actress Elizabeth Banks as screeching intergalactic villain, Rita Repulsa for Saban's Power Rangers, we now have a new photo of the actress in full costume which you can view below from Entertainment Weekly.

Johnnie To's THE WAR BETWEEN HUANG DI AND CHI YOU Gets A Glossy Teaser Announcement

We still have a ways to go with Hong Kong film auteur Johnnie To's Three, Election 3, and the upcoming ensemble Hong Kong cinema anthology, 8 And A Half among others. In the meantime, you can expect more from To's ongoing work schedule in the wake of a new announcement for The War Between Huang Di And Chi You, which is brandishing a new banner and teaser.

Jackie Chan Launches New Film Initiative With Sam Raimi

Any day there's news about action star Jackie Chan is a good day for Chan fans, and in the wake of a new partnership being announced on Tuesday according to THR. Filmmakers Sam Raimi (Spider-Man trilogy) and Oscar-winning Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck (The Tourist) are reportedly joining with Chan's own company, Sparkle Roll Media to produce two films a year under their new banner, Allegory Films.

Monday, April 18, 2016

THE HIT LIST - April 18, 2016

This week's installation of The Hit List presents some great pieces to share, and without a doubt I will be resurrecting another lovely piece of shortfilm worth viewing for those not in the know.

JASON BOURNE Drops A New Trailer On Thursday

Last week's events at CinemaCon boasted quite a feat with the upcoming release of Jason Bourne from Universal Pictures. The film's Big Game TV spot earlier this year certainly garnered some excitement as well, and now with a release set for July, a first trailer is finally in tow.

J.A. Bayona To Helm JURASSIC WORLD 2

It was last summer that Colin Trevorrow's Jurassic World brought Universal Pictures one of its biggest opening weekends of all time, beating all projections at that. Clearly this signals huge favor among fans for monster flicks which is certainly a plus for a franchise that has endured since 1993 and it wasn't long before its June 22, 2018 sequel would make headlines.

Jon M. Chu To Direct NOW YOU SEE ME 3

Director Jon M. Chu had a bit of a stumble last week when security concerns stifled the CinemaCon screening of his latest film, Now You See Me 2. Thankfully, much of the fervor hasn't dimmed as the sequel following up Louis Leterrier's 2012 first in an era for Chu as he seeks a more grander revival after last year's Jem flop.

Watch The First Trailer For Tom Wadlow's New Thriller, VENGEANCE

It was back in 2014 that we first caught wind of filmmaker Tom Wadlow as his then-developing survival thriller, Rat Catcher, was taking shape. The project remains shelved at the moment following its crowdfunding efforts at the time, while now we look toward his next effort that puts him back in the director's chair for something currently active for completion later this year.

China/Korea Thriller, TIK TOK Gets An Explosive First Trailer

Press is officially underway for the upcoming release of the new thriller, Tik Tok, which opens on July 15 in China. The film spreads its wings a bit for director Li Jun and the shared partnership between production banners, Beijing Hairun and South Korea-based Dhuta Co. Ltd who are reportedly on track to produce several more pictures together after this.

Statham Boards Shark Attack Thriller, MEG, For Warner Bros

Action star Jason Statham's recently hyped announcement for upcoming action thriller, High Value Target, is apparently still on the backburner, and it's a bit of a bummer. At any rate though, I guess seeing him take on a giant shark will do, as per the latest reports from last week so state for the new thriller, Meg.