UNCOMPROMISED Sees Jose Manuel Taking On The Mafia In The First Offical Trailer For Upcoming MA Action Pilot

Having spawned from online shortfilm success, Puerto Rico's own, actor and martial artist Jose Manuel has landed himself and the good folks over at North Compass quite an accumulating profile over the last several years. For me, it wasn't until the top of 2015 when I began covering Manuel's incredible work as Puerto Rico's answer to Eric Jacobus, and most prolifically since his lead acting debut in the groundbreaking, award-winning 2011 feature actioner, Andres Ramírez's El Testigo.

Yes, it's been rewarding work ever since, and until otherwise, we are now met once again by the reunion of the film's star and director for the latest production of a pilot for a hopeful action crime series going into the new year. Uncompromised is the name of the show and while we await to see where things stand with the pilot, the first official trailer is now online and it's as every bit of promising as I enthuse in quote at the :40 mark about Manuel from an earlier piece I wrote last year, and I humbly stand by it.
After an event causing his family to separate and his life to turn around, Raul a Former MAFIA enforcer straightens his life by working as a security adviser for clubs and businesses. While Looking for quietness in his personal life he receives news that his brother is in trouble with the underworld and his narc family in grave danger. He must then decide to go back and help them, or let them deal with their brought on destiny.
This one sounds like it belongs right up in my Netflix queue. Check out the trailer below and let's hope the cameras get rolling on season one before long!


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