THE HIT LIST: December 5, 2016

Alrighty! In anticipation of an exceptionally busy Christmas, this will be the first of three final installments of The Hit List in 2016. Personally, I look forward to the forthcoming break and on that note I might round up some of my favorite entries of stunt reels and shortfilms in a New Year edition to whet the appetite some. We'll just have to wait and see!

In the meantime, let's get this party rolling with some wicked videos from around the web, and first up are a pair of terrific new Tekken-inspired kicking reels by Eric Jacobus and Jailbreak star, actor and martial artist Jean-Paul Ly. Rounding out the playlist are stunt and action reels by Ben Rezendes, Jamel Blissat, Melissa Mars, Kent S. Leung, John Palmeri, Stephen Murdoch, Hannah Spreitzenbarth and Jared Losano.

You know what they say....just push play!

Next up in trailer news are a few projects worth mentioning and the first remained under the radar for awhile but is now out in the open as of last week from the folks over at Art School Dropouts. For this, we have a teaser for their upcoming The Legend Of Korra fan film inspired by the hit Nickelodeon animated series that follows the events after Avatar: The Last Bender, and it looks like another promising feat from an independent filmmaker I've been a fan of for well over a decade.

The second trailer comes by way of a filmmaker I'm not too familiar with save for some of the amazing work done with Nguyen Anh Nguyen's hit fan trailer for The Akira Project. This one started making waves over the summer with Wukong Couriers, inspired undoubtedly by Chinese folklore which casts actor and martial artist Kage Yami as a bike courier who gets pulled into a sweeping, epic battle to save the mankind while peeling back layers and uncovering a mysterious and hidden world beneath ours. 15 year filmmaker and VFX wiz, Hook & Loop NYC's own Peter Gagnan (The Avengers, Iron Man 3) directs for the project which is still crowdfunding via Indiegogo.

Check out both trailers here or in the playlist below!

Onto the last round of this week's Hit List and we're starting things up with a quick little test fight interlude from Jay Kwon and featuring stunties Nick Krawiec and Lee Chesley, followed once again by filmmaker Andrew Kim with a fresh new Street Fighter fan fight piece with Gee "Lil' Bomb" Jay and Jade Ivory, and a cool little Tokusatsu jewel in the form of Suzaku by maverick filmmaker Bueno who is finally making 2017 his year with his debut feature film, Gun Caliber as of last week.

Following that is a exciting new longsword fight sequence by Adam J. Lytle and Ben Aycrigg, a lively new fight piece over in the U.K. with Leif Johnson lensing, and martial artists, actors Jean-Paul Ly and Tien Hoang performing, and Flawless Films's latest fan battle with dual endings available pitting Darth Vader against Kylo Ren (you can catch the alternate ending HERE).

Actor and filmmaker Jaze Phua keeps things going over at JUO Productions who I have been following since I caught some of their earlier work, including martial arts action comedy short, The Rule Breakers, and its sequel. Their latest bit is a pure testament to one's will to feed a hungry, gorgeous woman in the ultimate action comedy battle of dominance over the necessary ingredients in the new short, Make Me A Sandwich, featuring Cherise Lai, and fellow pantry combatants Martin Tay, and James Fong.

Heading over to Devin Graham's channel, we catch stuntman and freerunning extraordinare Damien Walters as he traverses the high and low terrain of the city of Malta for viewers in promotion of Justin Kurzel's adaptation of Assassin's Creed in which he performs stunts and doubles for actor Michael Fassbender. (Pro-tip: The film opens in a few weeks!) Getting back into the fighting thick of things, we have another new fight gem from performers Dean Eshom and filmmaker Darren Holmquist, and a brutal new ten-minute action drama from Flawless Films titled The Underground - nearly a year in the making due to post production issues but finally online as of last month with Jake Rogers starring as a fighter who gets caught up in an illegal betting circut. The Ginger Ninja Trickster himself, Aaron Gassor also stars.

Last and far from least is a 20-minute piece from the good folks over at Distinctive Light Entertainment who all but continually ante up in their endeavors. Their latest example of this can be seen in the new short, Vein, which presents some pretty nimble and impressive stunt gags within its production quality lending a humble not to action horror tropes, featuring actress and filmmaker Yadi Nieves as a half human/Lycan hybrid whose quest for vengeance against the horde of vampires who killed her parents reveals more hidden truths and agendas then she may realize. Nieves is joined by Distinctive Light's own Felix Betancourt who I couldn't be more happier to follow in the past few years as a multifaceted stuntman and action director in his own right. Also starring are Benny Bernard, Joel Santiago, Leroy Roberts, Yadira Ceteno, Christian Rivera, Michelle Viana, Kenny Waymack and more.

All eyes here folks! Enjoy!

Take in all you can for this week's offerings above and check out last week's Hit List entries if you'd like. More importantly, if you or someone you know makes some of the best, most amazing martial arts action bits on the web and you think yours deserves a spotlight on our weekly Hit List, don't hold back. Hit us up at and let us weigh in!


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