Take A Swing At The New Teaser For Kendo Martial Arts Drama, MUKOKU

Next summer might have some thrilling Kendo drama going for itself in Japan cinemas from Dias Police: Dirty Yellow Boys helmer Kumakiri Kazuyoshi. For this, we start with the latest teaser for the new film, Mukoku, low in scale whilst still boasting ample quality and substance overall, as well as some intense performances from the cast.

Drawing your attention here on that matter is none other than Shinjuku Swan 1 & 2 co-star Ayano Gou who stars as Kengo, a Kendo progeny who retires his bokken following an unfortunate incident. With his mother deceased and his father bedridden in coma vigil, he turns to drinking and finds work as a security guard until he crosses paths with high school student, Tooru, played by Murakami Nijiro, whose own flair for kendo reignites Kengo's training once more.

The film arrives in June with Kobayashi Kaoru, actress Fubuki Jun, and Shin Godzilla co-stars Maeda Atsuko and Emoto Akira also starring. Check out the teaser!


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