Sky/Cinemax Action Series, STRIKE BACK, Reactivates With A New 'Fast And Furious' Cast, Plot Details

I rarely get a lot of time for television most days. I do, however, try my best not to be too tedious when it comes to shows that get my attention in the best of ways - shows like the Sky/Cinemax series, Strike Back which ended with its fourth season just last summer.

The series, which largely set its initial story within the purview of counter terrorism against groups like Al-Queda, followed a buddy cop formula with actors Philip Winchester and Sullivan Stapleton as American and British military agents jointly operating within the covert ops Section program to take out the world's most dangerous threats. Indeed, the show saw its fair share of twists, tragedies and so on and following the finale, it wasn't long before a film was announced to be in development.

News on that, if anything, remains pending. However, the trades are officially announcing news of a fifth season order for the hit show. Jack Lothian, who wrote a few season four episodes will service as showrunner, setting the course for new missions against global threats in the vein of the Islamic State, and with a cast of protagonists which is being described as an evolution of the show into "a diverse ensemble in the mold of The Fast and the Furious franchise":
Alin Sumarwata stars as Gracie Novin, a gearhead who is looking to make the step up. Genuine, honest to the point of bluntness, she’s the heart and soul of the team. 
Daniel MacPherson is set as Samuel Wyatt, a barroom philosopher who works best alone. Wyatt has no intention of being dragged into a team situation. But what he wants and what he gets are rarely the same thing. 
Roxanne McKee will portray Natalie Roberts, a woman who comes from a military family and excels at psychological profiles and seeing weaknesses in others, though she might be blinded to her own fault-lines. 
Warren Brown rounds out the cast as Daniel "Mac" Macallister, a man of his word, physically capable, driven by a desire to avenge the team he’s lost. He's easygoing, affable — and utterly deadly.
Lothian, who will executive produce, is also serving as head writer of the show which sets our newly reactivated Section program in the world of deadly conspiracies and modern warfare, wherein our team will trek through Europe and The Middle East in search of a notorious terrorist freely broken from prison.

Also executive producing are Left Bank Picture's own Andy Harries, as will Sharon Hughff and Michael J. Bassett. Bill Shepard will serve as producer while next year's production will forsee if whether or not Winchester or Stapleton will reappear in the new show in some capacity.


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