Sakamoto's HURRICANE POLYMAR Brings A Forecast Of Kick-Ass In The First Teaser!

Whoever made the decision that veteran action director and filmmaker Sakamoto Hurricane Polymar, already looks like an exciting feat that Tokusatsu fans can appreciate and may want to check out by then.

Born within the walls of Tatsunoko where Casshan and Gatchaman were created at the time, Ninomiya Tsuneo directed the original 1974 animated series kicking off the adventures of a tough street fighter-turned-private investigator and martial arts expert who uses a special suit made of an artificial polymer stronger than steel to fight crime for its 46-minute duration at a time. For this, we get a live-action rendering of a superhero that can transform into five different vehicles such as a formula-one race car, a submarine and a high-powered jet.

Mizobata Junpei stars next to actresses Mikie Hara as a newly established character for the film and J-idol Yanagi Yurina, and actor Yamada Yuki for the film's forthcoming May release. The official teaser arrived as of last week and it comes highly recommended with lots of grittiness and gloss to go with its high-flying stunt spectacle. Check it out!


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