RAILROAD TIGERS Whips Out Big Stunts And Classic Hero Theme Music In The New Trailer

Action star Jackie Chan has a ton of films coming out soon; My sentiments on Kung Fu Yoga still stand while I look forward to several of his titles in the coming months, including Railroad Tigers from director Ding Sheng and which certainly speaks to Chan's love for musical comedy, big stunts and silent film lore all from which he takes his cues as a filmmaker.

It's the exhiliaration I feel just from watching certain moments now seen in the latest trailer for the film which details the story of a group of rebels banding together to disrupt the flow of operations of the Imperial Japanese army. Chan has gone big before and oftentimes gets exhausting in certain movies, but this one has a delightful flair that I like. It's Chan doing his Chan thing as Chan usually does and who would protest that?

The film opens in China on December 23 with overseas releases pending. Check out the latest trailer below, packed with action and peril, and a classic theme fitting of such a big spectacle!


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