Live-Action NARUTO Is Back In The Headlines, Posing Some Major Questions That Need Answers!

It should be noted that a live-action adaptation of Shueisha's hit manga/anime property, Naruto, is on deck from Lionsgate. A date? Pending. However, this news broke last summer and now it's back in the headlines following updates at a Jump Festa event in Japan last weekend.

It was then that was announced that a new Boruto anime series was in the works for an April 2017 premiere. In addition to the news, all matters on the Naruto film were further iterated with Gracey's attachment, and with none other than creator Kishimoto Masashi involved in some capacity. Indeed, more news is definitely needed about this particular film adaptation which tells the epic tale of a young boy, afflicted from birth by the possession of a nine-tailed fox demon who aspires to become the strongest Hokage of his ninja village. 

Some are happy and excited about this film and some, as expected, are unengaged by the possibility of another Dragonball Evolution, and rightly so, given Hollywood's track record. That said, the verdict is still out on Dreamworks and Paramount's Ghost In The Shell wherein issues of whitewashing have drawn a split conclusions by the masses on either side of the table. 

That said, I suppose the discussion going into the new year, should be as follows: Will we still be talking about these problems when Naruto gets casting going? Or, can Kishimoto's involvement steer this movie in the direction that it needs to in order to work?

What do you guys think? Comment below!


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