Korean Webcomic, WITH GOD, Spawns Franchise Fervor Slated For This Summer

Sources are reporting that South Korea is already poised for some franchise buzz in the coming months with production on-going since this past summer with the new fantasy flick, With God. Designated as a two-parter, the budding film franchise is inspired by a three-phase webcomic by creator Ju Ho-Min, casting actor Cha Tae-Hyun (My New Sassy Girl) as a man who dies must undergo a 49-day period of seven trials to prove himself as a dissident "angel of death" unavoidably meddles in human affairs.

The film will stand reportedly as a prequel in its making, taking its cues from the "Afterlife" phase of the webcomic. Mr. Go and 200 Pounds Beauty helmer Kim Yong-hwa is directing with a notable cast that also lists The Tunnel co-star Oh Dal-Su, Asura: The City Of Madness co-star Ju Ji-Hoon, Kundo stars Ha Jung-Woo and Ma Dong-Seok as both our aforementioned "angel of death" and the "God Of House", and Assassination co-star Lee Jung-Jae as the "God Of Death", among others.

China-based Alpha Group's film arm, Alpha Pictures has invested up to $2.16 million USD into the $25 million dollar production being housed at VFX facility Dexter Studios in South Korea ahead of the film's slated release this summer.

H/T: KoBiz


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