Joe Carnahan's FIVE AGAINST A BULLET Casts Jackie Chan To Star, Sparkle Roll To Finance

I suspect this latest update from The Tracking Board could go either way considering the number of titles in the past year or so that have seen Guiness record-holding action star, honorary Oscar-winning actor Jackie Chan attached to. This one here involves Five Against A Bullet which is reportedly still without a studio after several years in limbo but is growing back its legs no less now that it appears Chan is starring in the film as the first of a hopeful franchise.

The film, formerly starring Bruce Willis dating back to news in 2010, will see Chan as a likely member of a team of bodyguards protecting a mayoral candidate in Mexico whose life remains in danger following the death of his father at the hands of the cartel. The A-Team, Stretch helmer and director of the upcoming Netflix action thriller, Wheelman and Sony's 2018 threequel, Bad Boys For Life, Joe Carnahan is attached to direct and is currently orchestrating rewrites from Alex Litvak's own script.

Mimran Schur, Red Dragon, and Suretone Pictures are producing the film along with Lorenzo Di Bonaventura's Di Bonaventura Pictures who have been with the film since its development in 2010 at Colombia Pictures. Erik Howsam of Di Bonaventura will executive produce while Di Bonaventura himself is also co-producing alongside Sandrine De Clercq, and David Mimran, as will Jordan Schur of both Mimran and Suretone. Chan's Sparkle Roll Media will finance the film while its search for a studio remains pending.

There is at least one other title still up in the air called Civilian which last had Peter Segal named to direct for Thunder Road. That one still appears to be on ice for now considering its been a couple of years and Chan has been busy quite a bit with starring in and/or producing other films like Daniel Lee's Dragon Blade, Yoon Hong-Seung's upcoming sci-fi, Reset, and the 2015 Who Am I? remake titled in the U.S. as Amnesia.

Chan and director Ding Sheng currently have Railroad Tigers coming to China later this month before the action star rings in 2017 with Stanley Tong's Kung Fu Yoga, Martin Campbell's The Foreigner and Leo Zhang's Bleeding Steel among others. Further announcements surrounding Rush Hour 4, Jared Hess's Shanghai Dawn and The Tracking Board's interesting tidbit of another Operation Condor movie in the works, remain otherwise pending.


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