GINTAMA: Oguri Shun Slashes And Thrashes In The First Teaser For The Live-Action Movie

The prospects of manga author Sorachi Hideaki's longstanding manga success, Gintama, sure feel pretty exciting these days. A new anime series is on the horizon following a hiatus back in March and since then, we've also had a live-action feature adaptation of the film now headed for a July release.

For this, we now get our first teaser for the film directed by none other than Hentai Kamen helmer Fukuda Yuichi. More details are pending while previous news hints at the likely story details surrounding the Benizakura Arc where certain characters go "missing" in the wake of a mysterious killer running loose in Edo with a stolen mystical demon sword consuming him.

Oguri Shun (Museum) leads the cast as wayward Samurai-turned-Odd Jobs entrepreneur Sakata Gintoki along with Suda Masaki as Shimura Shinpachi and Kashimoto Hanna as Kagura - all of whom are visible in the teaser; Tonewise, you get none of the light-hearted comedic antics normally seen in the anime...nope, this one goes straight for a micro-tease of action and peril in a mere 30-second glimpse you can now view below.


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