[UPDATED] GINTAMA: Meet The Odd Jobs Trio In New Character Posters For Fukuda Yuichi's 2017 Live Action Adaptation

Having only found out just a few months or so after production on Hentai Kamen helmer Fukuda Yuichi had begun production on a live-action adaptation of popular manga/anime property, Gintama, it was then and there that I decided to catch up. Hence, why many of you who might be following me on Instagram have been seeing gobloads of posts about the show, and I cannot reiterate enough just how much fun the show has been for me.

Thus, it is the first day of marketing for the campaign over at Warner Bros. Japan ahead of the film's release next year, and with none other than the first of a forthcoming series of character posters which now features actor Suda Masaki as Shimura Shinpachi. Suda joins his fellow Assassination Classroom co-star Kashimoto Hanna who plays the sprightly and superstrong Kagura, and lead actor Oguri Shun who takes the mantle as Sakata Gintoki, a samurai at heart with a penchant for sweets and an aloof demeanor, and a deeper.

Fukuda wrote the script based on author Sorachi Hideaki's Weekly Shonen Jump manga, a repeatedly 4th-wall breaking affair which pits our characters fresh in the midst of post alien-invasion of Edo Period, Japan where swords have been banned and a rebellion against the long-established alien race known as the Amanto, continues to quietly brew. At the forefront of it all, of course, are our characters who eventually become a self-employed company known as Odd Jobs Gin, led by Sakata, wherein they perform services that often get them embroiled in a number of, and indeed, odd, sometimes weird, wacky and gonzo, and even extremely dangerous missions.

One such mission led fans to the Benizakura Arc which deals with the story of a missing sword of myth that becomes symbiotic with its owner, and the calamity that ensues. It's also one of the more violent and action packed of the bunch and judging by recent updates, this film is sure to lend the big screen something spectacular for moviegoers first and foremost in Japan while we can only hope that this opens the door for even more adventures as we uncover the clouded past of our principle star.

Check out all three posters below along with a banner revealing our Odd Jobs Gin trio in full costume.


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