Death Is Not An Option In The First Official Teaser For Martial Arts Action Comedy, JAILBREAK

Four years in writing here at my blog have seen quite a bit of upscaling for many people that I've covered. English martial artist and stuntman Jean-Paul Ly is certainly someone I haven't left out of my purview in the time since he welcomed me into his social circle, and especially as rewarding as it continues to be through his progression as a stunt and fight coordinator and actor with several credits including Lucy, Jon M. Chu's Now You See Me 2, TV drama Cuckoo, and Colin Emerson's 2015 action short, Dead End.

He's got a few other roles now upcoming aside from that of what now looks to be another major step forward for the Cambodian film industry by way of filmmaker Jimmy Henderson with the new action comedy, Jailbreak from Puprom Entertainment and Kongchak Pictures. Ly joins Henderson's Hanuman (2015) cast - Bokator exponent Dara Ours and actor Savin Phillip in a story centered on several members of an outnumbered tactical unit forced to fight off an army of Koh Kla island prison inmates in escort of a high-profile criminal with sensitive information on the deadly Butterfly gang and its leader now out for his head.

Former AV star Celine Tran, fresh off of several years of training and demonstrating her commitment to more serious film roles now stakes her claim as the sword-wielding avowed leader of the Butterfly gang, the Madame. Also starring are actor Siriwudd Sisowath, veteran Bokator fighter Tara Vy, actor and martial artist Law Plancel and MMA League female premiere, actress Tharoth Sam who also makes her foray into the action genre some here, and there's no doubt about it that all those aforementioned will each have their moment to shine in this latest jewel opening locally on January 31, 2017.

Character posters have already gone viral but the first official trailer has finally arrived and offers good and plenty of what you crave from a quality action production thusfar. Give it a look below!

JAILBREAK: Character Posters


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