Watch The New Music Video From The HEADSHOT OST, "Impostor Heart" By Andre Harihandoyo & Sonic People

The new 'Mo Bros action flick, Headshot, is just over ten days away as of this piece and a lot of us are already sold on it. For this, many of us still get to relish in all the hype for the film's campaign, likely taking in gobloads of teaser footage - I don't really know how much there is of that though since all I've seen were the first two official trailers and a snippet of the first behind-the-scenes video which you can view here as we wait for more featurettes.

In the meantime, the campaign continues and with none other than the sobering rock ballad sounds of the new songs, Impostor Heart, performed by Andre Harihandoyo & Sonic People. Thankfully, it's a video that delivers in song just as much as a tease in not sharing anything new that we might not have seen just yet, so it's a worthy treat to whet the appetite for now until then.

Check it out!


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