Trailer For Legendary Russian Fantasy Epic, FURIOUS, Rages Online

If there's one thing I've learned in writing about film in the last several years is to not drop the ball on places like Russia. Here you'll learn of Ivan Shurhovetskiy's own directotial debut in the works for an April release next year with the film, Furious, and needless to say, that it looks!

With that in mind, it's also important to note that at some point the production decided to do away with making an historical period piece, and instead, make something a bit more fanciful with fantasy and spectacle. Films like Immortals, 300 and its 2014 sequel come to mind what with its production base at Central Partnership credit for titles hefty on visual gloss and scope like Duelist and Feodor Bondarchuk's Stalingrad.

Whether or not it was the right choice doesn't seem to be an issue here because the latest trailer itself has already drawn some positive responses from what I've seen online in comments. Actor Malakov Ilya stars in the title role taken from 13th century lore about an extraordinary young knight who led up to 1700 men into battle against a Mongol tyrant and his gargantuan army.

"Legend Of Kolovrat" is what the film's title reads at the tail end though with any luck the rebranding of it with the former mentioned above with hopefully help grant this one a wide release in due time. Check out the trailer and let's hope, shall we?


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