The New Trailer For South Korean Action Comedy, COOPERATION, Gets A Little Too Close For Comfort

My own off-time has allowed me to catch up on a bunch of South Korean film gems this year and so I plan on taking in some more going into 2017. Cooperation, CJ Entertainment's latest feat from sophomore director Kim Sung-Hoon certainly looks like a worthwhile treat with an odd couple twist about two cops from both sides of the DMZ working to bring down the boss of a North Korean refugee crime organization.

The Fatal Encounter star Hyun-Bin and Veteran co-star Yu Hae-Jin lead the film opposite Intimate Enemies co-star Kim Ju-Hyeok among its cast for its January release. Thus, we have a first teaser to help kick things off until the usual trailer and poster goods arrive and for all intents and purposes, this looks pretty lively and fun to look forward to.

Enjoy the teaser trailer.


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