The New International Trailer For Ho Yuhang's MRS. K Is Festive, Violent Throwdown With The Past

While it's suitable in some measures and instances to speculate whether or not a kung fu star is actually serious about retirement when it gets brought up, it's purely understandable. For this, we turn to actress and venerable film star Kara Hui, four decades in with a legendary film career dating back to her heyday in the auspices of Shaw Bros and films in other genres, while ever mindful of her own abilities and knowing when it's time to make an exit.

Thus, it appears her reunion with At The End Of Day Break helmer, Malaysian New Wave filmmaker Ho Yuhang for the new action thriller, Mrs. K, her final bow in the action category certainly looks to be an almost Tarantino-esque, festive one, telling of a well-to-do housewife forced to revert back to her killer skillset and confront her violent past in order to protect her family in the wake of a family dinner gathering. Also starring are Taiwanese rock legend and actor Wu Bai who plays her husband, and newcome actress Li Xuan Siow as their daughter, with Fruit Chan, Dian Iskander Said, Kirk Wong Chi Keung and martial arts legend Lau Wing with Simon Yam and Malaysian actor Faizal Hussein.

The film finished its festival run in Busan a few months ago with screenings pending in Singapore and a spotlight this Winter at the Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival, and further release dates pending. While we await all else, the film's international festival trailer is now viral to check out below.


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