[UPDATED] The Announcement For Miike Takashi's BLADE OF THE IMMORTAL Teases Kimura Takuya As A One-Man Army!

Back to remind us once again of just how legendary he is is director Miike Takashi who's not going anywhere anytime between now and next year. His latest effort, Blade Of The Immortal, has hit the ground running with a new teaser announcement briefing a glimpse into the gruesome tale of a vengeful immortal samurai bound by a blood oath to kill his way to freedom.

Storied from the work of author Samura Hiroaki, Space Battleship Yamato and Love and Honor star, actor Kimiura Takuya takes the lead alongside In The Hero and 2014 crime suspense novel adaptation Mozu co-star, actress Sugisaki Hana as the woman who tasks our Samurai to guard her on her quest to avenge her family and redeem her fencing school, destroyed at the hands of the "itto ryu".

There's not much to take from the teaser announcement but the imagery alone, topped with the amazing costumes, set pieces and robust score makes this adaptation of a manga fave something to be truly energized over. Plus it comes from the same guy who fell on my radar many years ago with an Ichi The Killer adaptation and the 2010 samurai epic, 13 Assassins, so one knows this auteur knows a thing or two on filming swordfights.

The teaser is about 20 seconds long so watch, enjoy, digest and take it all in until a fully-loaded teaser trailer comes!

UPDATE: Watch the full 30-second teaser now!


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