Peng Zhang's ASURA Details A Brewing Battle Between The Heavens In New Set Photos

THR is presenting an in-depth glimpse at the gargantuan production scale of debut director Peng Zhang's latest, Asura. The film takes its cues from ancient mythology and is centered on a story involving the titular dimension - defined as a realm of desire, which is threatened by an uprising from a lower heavenly kingdom.

The film, marking the start of a hopeful trilogy, stars 16 year old actor Lei Wu as the protaginist of the film with veterans Carina Lau and Tony Lau also starring, as well as 18 year old Zhang Yi who plays our hero's love interest. Partly Beijing-based actor Matthew Knowles also stars in addition to Damien Walters, known as one of the internet's most eye-popping stunt performers to date, and contortionist Bonetics Junior.

Painted Skin: The Resurrection hit film producer Zhenjian Yang is producing the film which is reportedly budgeted at a solid $100 million dollars, making it China's biggest production to date depending on which metrics you use. The film's crew stands strengthened on the professional muscle of Hollywood within its Chinese framework, citing Oscar winning costume designer Ngila Dickson (The Lord Of The Rings saga), sound designer Martín Hernández (The Revenant, Birdman) and visual effects supervisor Charlie Iturriaga (Deadpool, Furious 7, The Social Network) as examples.

Zhang shares a number of stunt professional credits in several capacities dating back 13 years including Transporter 2, Ninja Assassin, Ant-Man, Kingsman: The Secret Service and Straight Outta Compton. Given the scope, expect Asura to arrive in stellar fashion with possible 3D or IMAX releases in 2018.

Check out a slew of still below from The Hollywood Reporter, including several more from MTime.

ASURA Set Pics


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