Jesse V. Johnson To Adapt ACCIDENT MAN; Casts Ashley Greene

Director Jesse Johnson (The Package, The Beautiful Ones) is all about surprises as of late and with his latest, Accident Man, we're bound for a plateful. For now, the word is out with the addition of actress Ashley Greene, prominently known for her role in the Twilight Saga, now cast as one of the leads.

Styled as an ultraviolent tale similar to Deadpool, Accident Man hails from the auspices of UK comic book publisher, Toxic!, created by Pat Mills in the early 90's. Deadline reports that Greene will take on the role of Charlie, a woman with whom our protagonist, cavalier assassin and expert clean-up man, Mike Fallon, team up to investigate and avenge the death of Fallon's beloved Beth.

Other credits and specifics haven't been confirmed in the report but I'm almost certain that this will likely blow the lid off the action movie fandom ceiling in due time. Filming begins this month, so I advise you to stick around for more on Accident Man.


  1. It's so take it with a grain of salt, but the movie's page claims Michael Jai White, Ray Park and Amy Johnston all have named roles in it.

    1. I'm not reporting anything unless it's shared via trade news or if the actors and/or director announce it themselves via social media or elsewhere, or by way of exclusive, with all the necessary credits and attributions that need citing.


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